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Mama Drama! Tamra Judge and Ex Husband Simon Barney’s Fiancée In A War of Words!


We recently reported that Tamra’s ex-husband Simon was engaged to a younger woman and that we hoped that the ladies got along! After all, Tamra has moved on and we hoped that they would do what was best for the children. Well – it looks like that isn’t the case and the two ladies are quickly turning into the OC version of LeAnn and Brandi!

Tamra’s outburst is first up as she accused Simon’s fiancée (Catushia Ienni) as overstepping her boundaries (maybe she should call Brandi to talk about it over wine)??

“My ex’s ‘girlfriend’ writes me notes on my daughter’s homework telling me what MY daughter needs to do. Like I’m a moron. I so bad want to say STFU and have your own kids. But I don’t… it’s called boundaries. It’s great to have an involved step parent. But know your boundaries….b***h.”

“My ex’s gf sat in my daughter’s classroom seat at back to school night and I had to stand in the corner. BEYOND BULLSHIT!” Judge wrote. “I’m married to Eddie and he has enough respect to stay home! I deal with this kind of crap all the time. It’s heart breaking.”

Catushia responded denying any wrongdoing – basically saying Tamra’s behavior was the root of any issue between the two:

“Tamra keeps referring to me as Simon’s girlfriend when she knows all too well that I’m his fiancée and have been for a year and five months.”

“The back to school night that Tamra keeps referring to happened a year and half ago. At the time, Tamra hadn’t gone to one school event in the four years I had been with Simon.”

“So as usual, we figured she wouldn’t be showing up, considering when we got there she wasn’t there. She ended up showing up 45 minutes late. This was the first time she showed up in four years and I would assume it was because she was going through the custody battle with Simon. Other than that she’s never shown up to any conferences or school functions until that night.”

“Sophia considers me as her stepmom and I consider her as my stepdaughter. I went because I wanted to know what to expect since I do homework and study with her every night she’s with us.”

“I’m really confused why Tamra has to continually talk about Simon and I in the public (social and regular media) when clearly we want nothing to do with being famous and/or included in her public life,” she said. “I’m sure she will even comment that these comments are in an attempt to get my 15 minutes of fame. When clearly my actions thus far have shown I don’t want 15 seconds.”

There’s two sides to every story and the truth – which is probably the case here; however for the sake of their children who have been though an already public divorce we hope they can remain civil!

What are your thoughts? Do you think Tamra is overreacting or do you think there is more to the story that Ienni is leaving out??

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