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Heather Dubrow Gives Update on Scammer! Plus Reveals What Other Hollywood Superstar Trusted The Culprit As Well!


No one messes with the Dubrow family and Heather and Terry are out to prove it!

The Dubrow family is in hot pursuit of Jennifer Lindsay Bell who cheated them out of millions of dollars and it looks like they are very close to capturing her! So close, in fact, that thay have had contact with her via email!

Heather gave details on her podcast regarding the whole scam saying:

“If you remember, we have three players. We have Gary Hoffman of Hoffman & Nardonne who pretended to be an accountant and is just a tax preparer and personally guaranteed the loan we made and had no money to back it up. He has admitted to negligence, so we’re dealing with his insurance company but we’re not first in line, because he’s frauded so many people, so I’m doubtful that we’re going to see any money back. I’m hoping but at this point we don’t know.”

“Steve Czick the attorney who also personally guaranteed our loan is denying, publicly, any involvement. He is such a liar. I have his signature, we have the records. Terry put a thing on Rip-off Report and the attorney put a comment, ‘this is not true. I had no involvement in this’. It’s a lie. He personally guaranteed the loan, he defaulted and he lied and he’s not paying us back. And the court has sanctioned him in our lawsuit against him. In my opinion, I think he’s gonna lose his license from the bar. And honestly, I think he deserves it.”

“As far as Jennifer Lindsay Bell goes, we know she’s in London. She sent us an email saying how we ruined her Christmas. We ruined her Christmas because of our posts and that she’s on the internet now. Guess what Jennifer, I don’t give a S**T if I ruined your Christmas. Pay us back.”

Heather admitted that on top of losing money in a scam they also are paying a good amount of legal fees!

“This is costing us so much money to fight these people and I know it sounds like throwing good money after bad money, but I don’t want this to happen to anyone again. And they deserve to be punished.”

So true – I hope that all parties involved are brought to justice!

The plot also thickens as Hollywood A-List star Goldie Hawn also apparently trusted this woman with her foundation!

Heather tweeted Goldie warning her that this woman was a fraud and not to be trusted:


In her bio, Jennifer listed that she was active in many charities:

She is very active in charitable causes as well, with prominent seats on the advisory boards of Qismat (Goldie Hawn’s foundation), Mind UP, Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation, and The Meera Kaul Foundation

It just goes to show you that people may not be who they say they are, even if they run in the most fabulous of circles!

Are you surprised Terry and Heather got scammed for such a large amount of money? Thoughts on Heather’s podcast?

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