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Brandi Glanville Tells Lisa Vanderpump: Block My Number & Move The F*ck On!

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The feud between Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump is a strong one and won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon. Despite their issues, Brandi is clearing the air saying that her recent text to Lisa calling her “Vanderc*nt” had nothing to do with Lisa’s dog dying and instead had everything to do with Lisa constantly trashing Brandi on RHOBH.

According to Brandi, she is sick of Lisa and Ken constantly trashing her RHOBH despite Brandi not being on the show anymore.“There have only been three episodes of RHOBH thus far and in each of them either Lisa or Ken has taken a dig at me. I am not on the show to defend myself, and I didn’t feel a need to put it on Twitter and make it a public thing but I did feel the need to let her know how I felt about it. Last year when we shot RHOBH together, I did not know her to have a dog named Daddio at all.”

Brandi said she finally had enough of Lisa’s digs and decided take action.“I was wrapping presents and heard yet another dig she decided to take on me on the show, so I decided to text her.”

If you forget, Brandi text Lisa,”Merry Christmas vanderC*nt and yes i am having my moment
🙂 AND it’s amazing!!! How is yours???? Hahahahah #karmasabitch Or is it a c***?? Hahahaha.”

To clarify her message to Lisa, Brandi says, “I happen to be still very close with everyone that works at RHOBH, and I know that Lisa has been complaining up a storm about the backlash she is receiving for not believing and questioning Yolanda Foster’s illness. When I texted her, I was referring to her having her moment and people finally getting to see her for who she is. I said Karma is a bitch or is it a Vanderc*nt. Lisa is distraught over her backlash and needs public sympathy, so she is making up this story claiming that I wrote the text [to be hateful about the death of her dog Daddio] — a dog that I didn’t even know existed.”

As for calling Lisa, Vanderc*nt, Brandi says it’s a nickname she used to call her when they were friends.“As far as calling her Vanderc*nt, I always have, even when we were friends. She didn’t like it and said if it stuck she was going to kill me. She made sure the show did not air me calling her that in the playful way that I did. She is pretending that she has never heard me say Vanderc*nt before which I have been saying for three years now, so this really comes as zero shock to her.”

Brandi claims that she texted Lisa to keep their issues private, but when Lisa took the texts to TMZ, the gloves came off. “I texted this to her so that not to start a public war but she lives for press and apparently, although distraught over her pets death, she was out at a party and showing everyone the text I sent her and did what any mature person would do and called TMZ immediately so that she could play the victim and vilify me. Anyone that knows me knows that I rescue dogs and help find homes for them and would never make fun of an animal passing. Lisa is simply trying to gain sympathy and make me look like the bad guy when she is the one constantly taking digs at me on national television.”

According to Brandi, Lisa needs to stop using people and stop talking about her.“Lisa needs to take responsibility for what she says and stop throwing other people under the bus in order to garnish sympathy. And if she doesn’t want me in her life then she needs to stop talking about me so much block my number and move the f**k on because I will always defend myself.”

Thoughts on Brandi’s interview? Do you think Lisa has trashed Brandi during this season of RHOBH? Is Lisa trying to gain public sympathy? Are you Team Lisa or Team Brandi?

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