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RHOBH Recap: Will Power

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was a “game-changer” so to speak. Eileen let the cat out of the bag that people doubted Eileen’s illness, and Erika met some of the group. We also learned Ken Todd and Tom Girardi don’t need Viagra in case you were wondering (you probably weren’t). Things got emotional between Yolanda, her children, and her mother. While a lot of this season has been the ladies at home with their families, this week we saw them together as a group and it was refreshing to see everyone getting along, now the question is how long will that last!

We start off in Kyle’s AMAZING store Kyle By Alene Too. Lisa Rinna comes to visit Kyle and pick out her birthday present from Mauricio. He told Lisa to go pick out ANYTHING in the store on him. Lisa laughs that most people wouldn’t take him up on that offer, but she did. I’m totally with Lisa on this one; I would have been in that store the next morning. I love Lisa and Kyle together; I think Lisa brings out a silly side to Kyle, a side I definitely like! Lisa explains she had to close her store because of the recession, as well as being were robbed multiple times. I always wondered why she no longer had her store. If you remember she made an appearance years ago on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, because she had a store near Kyle’s! This is when she was rumored to be joining the show; I for one am so glad she eventually signed on! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would NOT be the same without her!

Kyle explains the store is doing so well they decided to open a “pop-up store” in the Hamptons. “Coincidentally” Lisa and Lisa NEED to be in the Hamptons as well. I’m thinking this isn’t a coincidence, but I love a good housewives trip so I can’t wait for next week! We know that Bethenny Frankel makes an appearance when the ladies head to the East Coast and she’s sure to make things interesting!

Lisa Vanderpump is upset because one of her swans is sick. I don’t know if it’s the West Coast or what, but swans are NOT nice in New Jersey. The swans start biting Lisa and Ken but they seem un-phased.

Yolanda is having a good day and decides to go for a walk with Erika and Kyle. Kyle tells Yolanda that she had similar symptoms and it was depression. I know Kyle was trying to be supportive but I believe she went about it in the wrong way. Yolanda has an actual diagnosis and blood work to prove what is wrong with her. I know what Kyle was trying to do, but the way she went about it made it seem like she was discounting Yolanda’s diagnosis. Kyle and Erika seemed to hit it off well, something I wasn’t expecting. Erika reveals she has a 23-year-old son! Erika looks AMAZING; I would have NEVER guessed she had a son that old! Yolanda shares she is going to Cleveland to have surgery to remove her breast implants that are leaking silicon. I’m confused as to why she needs to go that far away since some of the best plastic surgeons are in the Southern California area. There is a whole show, Botched in which Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow (House-Husbands) fix bad plastic surgery. A leaky implant falls under the surgery they perform so I don’t know why she didn’t give them a shot. Yolanda has people she pays to take care of her so I’m sure her team did a lot of research to find her the best place to go! Yolanda also confesses that two of her children, Bella and Anwar both are suffering from Lyme’s disease as well. This information was new to Kyle; fans found this out months ago, but I still felt so bad hearing this news!

Lisa Rinna gets a bikini wax on camera and she is cracking up the whole time. The rich and famous have EVERYTHING at their disposal and a good bikini wax is no exception. Lisa couldn’t stop laughing and the whole scene cracked me up! I definitely appreciated this lightheartedness given how deep this episode gets.

Kyle and Lisa visit Eileen at work on set at The Young and The Restless. The ladies check out the vending machine and they suggest Lisa get Doritos. Can you picture Lisa Vanderpump with orange Dorito residue on her hands? I can’t. Lisa confesses she has NEVER used a vending machine in her life as she tries to insert a $100 bill! Kyle tells the ladies she met Erika and they will like her, I’m glad to hear Kyle is giving her a chance! The Munchausen conversation comes up again and the ladies admit they feel bad about how uncomfortable Lisa Rinna was with the whole situation. We’ll just have to wait and see if she comes clean to Yolanda or not!

We’re finally at drinks with Yolanda, Erika, Kyle, Eileen, and Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa is “pulling a Vicki” and is giving Erika a hard time. Lisa thinks she owns the color pink and in general does NOT seem to be giving Erika a chance. I was surprised at how shocked the ladies were that Erika’s husband was 76-years-old; I was under the impression an age difference like this was common in Beverly Hills, guess I was wrong. Erika and Lisa both claim their husbands don’t need Viagra…TMI ladies! Erika decides to meet the girls in the Hamptons even though Yolanda isn’t going because of her surgery. The ladies are shocked (AGAIN) that Erika has a private plane, but I thought her tone was great when she told them. Erika wasn’t bragging, and only disclosed this information when they asked how she would make it to the Hamptons. Lisa Vanderpump starts bashing Taylor and somehow the subject of Taylor questioning Yolanda’s illness comes up. Yolanda shares she heard Taylor and Lisa Rinna were talking about her Lyme’s disease and suddenly Eileen finds herself in the middle of a Munchausen mess! Eileen thinks Yolanda is talking about the conversation the ladies had a few days before, when in reality Yolanda is talking about the conversation at Ken’s birthday party! This conversation got so awkward but Yolanda handled herself with such class and showed the kind of woman she really is. Yolanda admits she can’t even address this situation until after her surgery and it’s great to see her priorities are in order!

Things get very deep once Yolanda is at home with her children and her mother. Once again we see Yolanda’s gorgeous lemon garden, I feel so bad she had to leave that behind. I’m very curious as to how Gigi and Bella have such phenomenal bodies and eat the way they do. The girls made HUGE grilled cheese sandwiches with soup, as if we needed ANOTHER reason to envy them! Yolanda then shows the kids her will just in case she doesn’t make it through surgery. As you can imagine the kids didn’t take this well, and I’m not sure Yolanda needed to take it this far, at least not on camera. David wasn’t around for this conversation, possible foreshadowing to the Foster divorce that shocked ua all!

Overall I LOVED this week’s episode; we learned A LOT, laughed A LOT, and even got VERY emotional! These ladies look amazing this season and I couldn’t be happier to have them back on my TV. week after week!

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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