Kyle Richards and Sister Kathy Hilton Aren’t Speaking!

kyle Kyle Richards and her sisters are no strangers to family drama, but it looks like their latest feud will be causing a not so Merry Christmas for the family. While Kyle and her sister Kim have a had a documented rocky relationship for the past few years it seems as if they are finally getting back on track. Just as Kim and Kyle are working on mending their relationship, it seems as if Kyle and her older sister Kathy Hilton’s relationship is falling apart. According to PEOPLE, a source reveals that complicated family issues are tearing the family apart. “Kyle and Kim are still working on their issues, and now, Kathy and Kyle aren’t speaking.” While there is no love lost between Rick Hilton and Mauricio Umansky, it seems as if their feud is now getting between their wives, sisterly relationship.“Kathy’s husband Rick [Hilton] is still mad at Mauricio for leaving [Rick’s real estate company] Hilton & Hyland and starting [successful competitor] The Agency. The animosity has been building up for awhile. Mauricio isn’t even welcome in the Hilton house.” Adding fuel to the fire, Kathy is furious that Kyle documented their family drama surrounding her daughter Nicky’s wedding on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. “Kathy is mad that Kyle brought Nicky into the fight. There is so much drama in that family. It’s sad that even over the holidays, they still can’t get along.” Despite rumors that Kyle was invited but chose not to go to Kathy’s annual Christmas party on December 12, a source reveals that neither Kim nor Kyle were invited to the party! Personally, I think they all need to move on and get along! Life is way too short! I think it’s ridiculous that Rick Hilton holds any animosity towards Mauricio! The Hilton’s are loaded, and Rick was born with a silver spoon so I don’t get why he would be pissed Mauricio wanted to create his own success and legacy. Are you surprised Kyle and Kathy haven’t made up before the holidays? Do you think Kyle and Kathy can mend their relationship? Should the Hilton’s hold a grudge against Mauricio for starting a successful company? Follow AllAboutTRH On Instagram Here Follow Us On Twitter Here And Like Us On Facebook Here

Kyle and Kim have had a rocky relationship for the past few years, but they are currently working on mending their relationship.

Complicated family issues have caused a rift between Kyle and her older sister Kathy, leading to them not speaking to each other.

Rick Hilton is still upset with Mauricio for leaving his real estate company, Hilton & Hyland, and starting a successful competitor called The Agency. This has caused animosity between them.

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