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Sheree Whitfield Brings It For Season 8 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta; Plus Talks Porsha VS Cynthia


The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back in full swing and season 8 is full of drama. Sheree Whitfield’s return was highly anticipated, and she’s managed to remain neutral and hold her head high so far. We definitely have gotten a “new Sheree,” and she’s managed to grow and mature since we’ve seen her last. Her style is trendy yet classic and you can tell she took the time to prepare for her Bravo return. While the season isn’t over Sheree is definitely on her way to a great comeback!

This week Cynthia brought along her friend Tammy, and many viewers were probably wondering why. (Was anyone else totally shocked by Tammy’s husband?) Kenya made sure to let Sheree know Tammy had a lot to say about her, being she is BFF with Sheree’s ex-husband Bob Whitfield. At dinner Sheree called Tammy out, and managed to keep her cool. Sheree was insistent that Bob told her he and Tammy had previously slept together. Tammy clearly felt foolish that she had brought anything up in Bob’s defense. I’m hoping the Miami trip is the last we see of Tammy, she doesn’t bring anything to The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Sheree sat down with this week to talk about this season so far, and she didn’t hold back on what she thought of some of this seasons toughest situations. How shocked were you by what went down between Porsha and Cynthia?

Sheree Whitfield: I was honestly taken aback for a minute. It’s so unfortunate that in this day and age these grown women took it this far on national TV for the world to continue to judge us. None of us are perfect, I get it! We all are a work in progress, and hopefully they will learn from this and learn to deal with conflict in a much better way. Were you surprised Cynthia and Porsha were able to make up?

SW: Of course! It was the quickest makeup session I have ever seen, especially since there was an actual physical altercation. One can only be pushed so far before exploding. I do believe it could have been and should have been only with words though. However, the makeup, which seemed sincere on both parts, shows growth. I’m happy they were both mature enough to each accept their own responsibilities in the altercation, apologize, and move forward. Kudos to them both!

I think everyone can agree this physical altercation only occurred because of alcohol. Of course Sheree didn’t want to go public, and call out her co-stars for getting drunk and angry, but viewers are smarter then that. I agree, and was shocked at how quickly Cynthia and Porsha made up, but was happy this drama wasn’t dragged out all season. Sheree was very careful not to let us know which side she was on in this fight. What did you think about Kandi calling out Kenya?

SW: Kandi does not hold back. She calls it out how she sees it. I respect her for that; and I respect anyone who voices their honest opinion, whether we want to hear it or not! Everyone needs a reality check sometimes to put things in perspective.

Kenya and Sheree don’t end the season on good terms, and Sheree previously bashed Kenya in post-filming interviews. I’m guessing since this interview was with Bravo directly she held back on the Kenya hate-fest. Kenya has been on Kandi’s nerves all season, and Kandi hasn’t hid her annoyance. Kandi has been awesome in season 8 so far, maybe it’s the pregnancy hormones, but she’s sassy and it’s great!

What did you think of this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? What about Sheree’s interview? Are you a fan of Sheree this season? Do you notice a change (for the better) in Kandi?

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