RHOBH Recap: Horsing Around




Tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is full of sassy behavior where the Housewives do everything from visiting a miniature pony in a tutu, to discuss health and family issues, to swim in the rain and celebrate a birthday.

The episode kicks off with Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards still living it up during their European vacation in Italy. The BFF’s are back in full force as they sightsee and do some major shopping. Lisa brings up Nicky Hilton’s wedding as Kyle searches for something to wear to the event. Kyle is still upset about her issues with her sister Kathy and the face that Mauricio and her two daughters Sophia and Alexia aren’t invited to the wedding. Lisa offers support and really hopes the Kyle and her sisters can work it out.

Back in Beverly Hills Lisa, Rinna does some pampering with her daughters as they visit a nail salon for a mani/Pedi session. The trio discusses plans, and Lisa grills her girls about curfews and their social lives. Lisa spills to the girls she plans to go with Lisa V to pick up the mini pony as Ken’s 70th birthday present. The girls are in love with the idea and “Oooh” and “Ahh” over pictures of the pony.
Staying in Cali but heading over to Malibu, Eileen Davidson is at home frantically getting her household ready for the day. Eileen rushes around getting things together as she begs her some to get ready for school. Eileen opens up about sending her son to public school for high school after homeschooling him previously. It seems that Eileen is fed up with the men in her life not listening as she tries to talk to her son while his nose is shoved into his phone. Different zip code same family problems. I guess that’s why they call them the Real Housewives.

In Italy, Ken and Lisa sneak out of the house super early and head off to Monte Carlo to visit a friend. Can I have Lisa’s life? Lisa and Ken get picked up in a helicopter. Lisa discusses celebrating Ken’s birthday and admits she wants it to be a special day for her hubby. Their time in Italy was amazing, and Lisa reveals that she and Kyle’s relationship is back on track and gushes about what a fabulous time they had together.

In Beverly Hills, we meet up with Yolanda Foster and finally get introduced to the newest Housewife Erika Jayne as the two get Vitamin C injections. Erika is a little frazzled by the needles but offers some much-needed distraction for Yolanda. Yolanda reveals that she and Erika have been friends for nine years and met through their husbands who are friends. Right from the start you can tell Erika is outgoing, speaks her mind, and likes to have fun.

Lisa R, Eileen, and Kyle meet up for lunch. Lisa and Eileen show up to lunch as twins in matching leopard dresses. Kyle arrives, and the girls start to dish. First the ladies talk about Kyle’s recent trip but quickly the subject of Kim comes up. The ladies discuss Kim’s recent issues, and Kyle reveals that Kim is in treatment but that she doesn’t really know more. Eileen and Lisa tell Kyle that the latest rumor is that Kim has fled rehab. Kyle is clearly uncomfortable and says she doesn’t really know what to say especially since the issues Lisa and Kim had last year. The ladies then discuss Yolanda and how worried they are about her and her health. All three agree that they don’t know what’s wrong with Yolanda and that they all are super worried about her.

The next day the Lisa’s head to the airport to go to Ohio for Ken’s mini pony. Lisa told a fib to Ken saying she went to a spa in Ojai. Lisa R says she has anxiety about picking up this pony especially when they come back on the plane. The ladies arrive in Ohio and get caught in a huge storm. It’s raining cats and dogs, and ponies in Ohio and the ladies get scared especially when they realize they are in the land of tornados.

We get flipped around and taken back to Beverly Hills as we get a deeper look into the life of Erika Jayne. It’s clear Erika has money, lots of it. Her house is HUGE to put it lightly. Erika is married to a lawyer who happens to be quite a bit older than her, but they have been together for fifteen years. It turns out a very poor Erika met her very rich husband when he was one of her customers at a cocktail bar, and the rest is history. Erika openly talks about how fabulous it is to be rich and how she looks so good because she has the money to do so. Despite her money Erika claims it hasn’t changed her. In a surprising twist, it turns out Erika’s hubby is the lawyer from Erin Brockovich case.

Back on the pony-express, the Lisa’s arrive at the pony farm where they are greeted by a pony in a pink tutu. For Lisa V, it’s love at first sight, and she wants to shower the pony with kisses. The ladies play with the ponies and have a grand old time until Lisa V notices the pony she’s getting for Ken is walking a bit odd. At first, they think it’s just because of the road or perhaps the shoes they’ve put on the pony but it turns out the pony has a little bit of a foot problem. The farm reassures Lisa V that nothing it wrong with the pony and offers to have a vet come in but Lisa is torn and doesn’t know what to do. Lisa V breaks down and calls Ken, who admits he only wants the pony if everything is okay with it. Lisa decides to leave the pony behind and will wait to see what the vet says about it’s feet. If the pony is healthy, they will then fly it to Beverly Hills in a private plane no less. Damn pony has a more luxe life than me!

Erika appears again as she arrives at a rehearsal. Turns out Erika is quite the dance pop star and has a pretty interesting music career. Erika calls her music career her alter ego.

Lisa V is busy getting ready for Ken’s birthday party that turns out to be a lovely English lunch with big hats and all. The guests start arriving at the party and are greeted with huge hats to accessorize their outfits. Eileen arrives first and dishes with Lisa V about the pony. Taylor Armstrong arrives at the party and is introduced to Eileen. Taylor reveals she’s moving back to Beverly Hills and jokingly tells Lisa there’s a house for sale on her block so maybe they will be neighbors. Lisa R arrives with a faux pony in tow for Ken. Lisa and Taylor exchange hello’s and joke about who has the bigger mouth as the rest of the guests including Camille Grammar and Kyle arrive. It begins to downpour ruining Lisa’s plans. The group makes do and takes refuge on Lisa’s porch as they drink the rain away. Lunch is served as the group sits around and gabs. Taylor throws a wrench in things for a minute when she brings up Yolanda’s health. It seems that Taylor is a bit confused about Yolanda’s health issues and questions why Yolanda is constantly posting photos of her treatments; Taylor doesn’t get Yolanda posting a happy selfie then a sick selfie and so on. Everyone including Lisa R is shocked at Taylor’s attitude and agree she needs to shut up. Lisa then gives a very sweet and sassy toast to Ken where she confesses her love to him and also lets him know he’ll be getting lucky sometime in the next few days.

It continues to rain, but that doesn’t stop the ladies from dipping their feet into Lisa’s pool that turns into Eileen and Lisa R dragging each other into the pool. All the ladies then jump in the pool, in white dresses none the less. Ken is then pushed in the pool by some dude and takes a bit of a spill, which worries everyone, but he quickly recovers as all the ladies in pool surround him like a harem and make sure he’s okay. Lisa V says it’s probably the best birthday Ken’s ever had being surrounded by all those women.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? What do you think of Erika so far? Should Taylor be commenting on Yolanda’s health? Are you surprised Lisa R didn’t bring the pony home with her?

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