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Amber Marchese Says Teresa Giudice Has Blurred Reality and Real Life


Amber Marchese may no longer be a Real Housewife of New Jersey, but that isn’t stopping her from continuing to give her two cents on her former co-star Teresa Giudice. To stay in the media spotlight, it seems that Amber will stop at nothing to judge and bad mouth Teresa and her husband, Joe.

In a new interview with the Real Mr. Housewife, Amber weighed in on the Giudice family and the “psychological damage” Teresa is inflicting on her children.

“The Teresa situation is extremely heartbreaking. It’s like watching a perpetual tragedy of one mistake after another. I can not begin to understand Teresa. As a mother, my babies come first, not RHONJ, not fame, not money. Rather, I teach my children the importance of family, God, giving back to others in need, education, and being overall good people in society.”

According to Amber, Teresa doesn’t know reality from reality TV. “She really has blurred the lines between reality and real life as if what she and her family do ‘on camera’ won’t have detrimental effects on her babies. Facts are, she is sitting in a jail cell while her children are at home missing her and likely crying themselves to sleep at night just wishing for their mother to return. Ask them if they really give a shit about a $3 million dollar mansion, Gucci plates, designer clothes, or Onyx counter tops in her bathroom. I am certain they would rather live in a humble home snuggling with their mother.”

Plus Amber goes on to say that Teresa only cares about material possessions.“She places a higher value on material things above all else and is teaching her children the same. I remember filming a scene with her where we taking the kids to an art class and she dressed her children in Chanel leggings and custom-made pearled Ugg boots. Unless it is a special occasion, I’ll be damned if I will stick my kids in Channel leggings for an art class!”

“Teresa should be taking her situation to provide a good example to her children and viewers of what is truly important in life. That home and all superfluous material belongings gone and money that hurt others, returned. Mistakes are always made, none of us are perfect, but it’s what we learn from it. It is not a good message to send to viewers that it is okay to steal that amount of money, which, hurt many individuals (not just banks as some people think), and to not pay taxes for a very long time only to live a completely ostentatious lifestyle that they were not even close to being able to afford. This was not done to pay for grandmas heart surgery, this was for an extravagant lifestyle.”

To wrap things up, Amber again claimed that Teresa is the reason she’s left RHONJ,“Listen, I realize that my opinions are strong, but Teresa is one of reasons I left the show, so I make no apologies. These are babies lives we are talking about here. We only get one shot to do this parenting job the right way, there are no redo’s. Decisions we make while they are young do have lasting effects on our babies- the Guidice children are no exception.”

For how much the Marchese’s claim to hate the Giudice’s and everything they stand for they sure do use them to gain a whole lot of press! Let’s face it, RHONJ and the Giudice’s are the only reason anyone knows who the Marchese’s are and they only continue to stay revenant because they bash Teresa and her family.

Thoughts on Amber’s latest interview? Does Teresa care about material possessions above anything else? Do you think Teresa is inflicting psychological damage on her children?

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