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RHOA Recap: Duking It Out


Last week’s RHOA episode ended with Sheree Whitfield kicking things up a notch at Cynthia Bailey’s party when she startED name calling and screaming at Kenya Moore about her house. Kenya responded by telling Sheree she will be in her house in three months while Sheree will still be living in a tent because she can’t afford to finish Chateau Sheree. Glasses and arms began to fly but then things calm down when Kenya apologized and shut down the impending fight.

Kenya left the altercation and told Phaedra she didn’t start it, but she did apologize to end it. Peter finally meets up with his wife and Cynthia immediately asks Peter what’s going on. Peter tells Cynthia about his fight with Kenya and Cynthia isn’t happy; Cynthia’s sister then gets involved, and they all start to discuss the fight. Peter’s upset about a lot of things including his fight with Kenya and Cynthia’s entrance into the party. Shockingly Peter walks away leaving his wife stunned and alone.

Still at the party the other ladies discuss how the fight between Kenya and Sheree went from zero to sixty. Sheree chimes in and says she doesn’t see it that way; claiming she’s calmed down and handled her argument with Kenya well.

The next day, Kenya meet up with the newest RHOA Kim Fields, at Kim’s office. They discuss Kim’s famous past and how the two met when they worked together on a Tyler Perry movie. Kenya tells Kim about her TV pilot and wants Kim’s opinion on it. Kenya also asks Kim to be a director on the show and wants someone with an impressive resume to help her show. Kim is taken aback by Kenya wanting her to direct and squirms her way out of saying yes.

Kim then reveals to Kenya that she’s not very social and doesn’t go out to much instead spending most of her time at work and with her family/kids. Kim says she doesn’t drink, and the most she will have is Kalua and milk, much to Kenya’s surprise.

Back in Cynthia’s world, she discusses the sunglass launch party with her business partner. While the party was successful, it wasn’t all good. After getting into a fight with Peter at the party, she came home to an empty house as Peter left to go back to Charlotte for work. Cynthia breaks down and is worried about her personal life; saying she needs a break and to get away from it all. It seems that Cynthia knows that her marriage problems are serious and that they need to be resolved, but it doesn’t seem that Peter agrees.

Porsha is in boss-lady mode as we catch up with her during a meeting about the lingerie line she’s starting with her sister. Porsha’s business team thinks the fact that she has a man in her life is distracting for her business, and they call her out for letting her relationship woes interfere with her business. Porsha doesn’t agree and tells them it will all be fine, claiming that have a boyfriend can only help her lingerie line.

Cynthia and Phaedra then meet up for some tea and try to work on their friendship. The ladies start to talk about Kenya and Sheree’s fight saying Sheree acted like a pit bull. Cynthia said she didn’t need that fight at the party when she’s trying to work on things with Peter. Phaedra then dishes to Cynthia that her sister was telling all the ladies about her marriage woes much to Cynthia’s dismay. Then things switch gears, and the ladies talk about Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship where they both agree that Phaedra and Kandi need to fix what is broken.

Sheree then pops by Kandi’s store where they also discuss Kenya’s behavior at Cynthia’s sunglass party. Sheree wasn’ t happy with how Kenya approached her and Kandi admits that Kenya does stir the pop a lot. The ladies then discuss how Phaedra and Kandi’s relationship has suffered, and it started after Phaedra and NeNe became close; NeNe and Phaedra would discuss Kandi which didn’t sit well with her. Sheree isn’t surprised and understands how upset Kandi is.

Finally we get a peek into Kim Fields’ life as a mom, we see Kim with her sons, and she reveals that she likes being the only Queen in her castle. Kim has been married to her husband Chris for eight years, and Kim reveals that she’s not Hollywood and doesn’t constantly need the spotlight. In addition to her movie work, Kim is also working on a maternity line. Kim hilariously attempts to shoot a video for her website; having to shoot several takes before nailing it.

At the Kandi Factory, we see Kandi and Co meet up. Kandi reveals that see needs to start to slow down, and her team is shocked. While Kandi wants to slow down, she also wants to open a restaurant. A little crazy right?

Back in Porsha’s world, we see her with her mom and sister as they get ready for a meet the boyfriend party. Porsha is excited to introduce her mom and sister to her new boyfriend Duke, but Porsha’s sister Lauren is less than excited. As they are getting ready Lauren surprisingly reveals that she is three months pregnant. While Porsha is excited about Lauren’s pregnancy, she does admit she never thought her sister would have a baby before her. In true Porsha fashion, she brings the focus back to herself saying maybe her sister’s pregnancy is why Lauren isn’t excited about her new boyfriend.

Porsha continues to prep for her party for her new man Duke, and she seems to be going overboard; even bringing cheerleaders to perform. The ladies arrive, and Porsha introduces her Duke to her friends and family. Porsha’s family doesn’t seem supportive of her relationship with Duke especially because of his age and his job as a pro-athlete. Kandi and the other ladies are shocked at how unsupportive Porsha’s family is being. Then the topic of Duke’s love for strippers and pornstars comes up, and Kandi says that according to Google Duke was caught with a transgender stripper. It seems that Porsha’s family doesn’t think Duke is right for her since Porsha wants to get married and settle down and Duke loves strippers and porn stars. Porsha comes back to the group and reveals that her and Troy are going to look for houses, and Kandi thinks that’s a little too fast. Porsha then makes things even more over the top when she gives her new man an award and gushes about their love while he looks terrified and like he’s ready to bolt at any minute.

Kandi then meets up with Phaedra the next day, and they discuss a little bit of work and stuff. Both ladies admit things are a little off between them. Kandi opens up the communication between the two and admits that she’s still hurt about Phaedra saying she wasn’t there for her at all. Phaedra says that she was equally hurt when she heard that Apollo’s stuff was being held at Kandi and Todd’s house. Phaedra claims that the government came to collect Apollo’s stuff and that she didn’t know where the stuff was. Kandi doesn’t get what that has to do with her and says that the government is looking for a lot more than some old motorbikes. Phaedra then says that Kandi and Todd have too much to say about her marriage with Apollo and how she chooses to handle Apollo being in prison. Phaedra says that her choosing or not choosing to take the kids to see Apollo is her business and not Kandi’s; claiming it’s expensive to go to Kentucky especially when she has two kids in private school. Kandi, on the other hand, it confused about Phaedra’s issues because one minute she has not money issues and everything’s fine then the next minute Phaedra is claiming she can’t afford things and is struggling. During the fight, Kandi reveals that Todd’s issue with Phaedra has nothing to do with Apollo and has everything to do with Phaedra not paying Todd the eight-thousand dollars she owes him. In the end the ladies seem to hash everything out and end on a good note; they are both hopeful they can turn their friendship around and become close again.

Kandi’s friend and co-worker Don Juan, who overheard Kandi and Phaedra’s discussion says that Phaedra has no right to be upset after she went around town badmouthing Kandi. Don says that Phaedra shouldn’t expect compassion when she willingly married a criminal. Don also claims that Phaedra doesn’t know anything that’s going on in Kandi’s life or her pregnancy; he says that Kandi needs to Phaedra’s a true friend before she lets Phaedra back into her life.

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