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All the Many, Many Times Vicki Gunvalson Seemed to Lie About Brooks Ayers’ Cancer Treatment; Plus Is Vicki Still In Contact With Brooks?


After a season of lies and high drama, the lie of the year has come to a head after Brooks Ayers fessed up to faking his cancer documents. While Vicki Gunvalson now claims to “hate” her ex Brooks, she did tell a TON of lies for him during season ten. E! Online broke down all of Vicki’s lies and you can judge for yourself if Vicki was in on Brooks’ cancer scheme or not!

The first lie in Vicki’s bag of tricks is claiming to have gone with Brooks to City of Hope for his cancer treatments. “I was only at City of Hope once. I only know what’s been told and what I’ve witnessed. Period.” Vicki claims she went with Brooks for a four-hour treatment where she witnessed him “sitting there with the bag.”

Funny how Vicki says she went to a four-hour treatment with Brooks, but City of Hope claims Brooks was never a patient. Interesting.  Vicki’s RHOC co-star Shannon Beador isn’t buying Vicki’s tale either saying, “It doesn’t make sense that Vicki would say she spent four hours with Brooks for chemo at the City of Hope when he was never treated there. The truth always comes out.”

Lie two is when Vicki claimed that Terry Dubrow sent a doctor friend over to Vicki’s house to give Brooks an IV in the middle of the night. Vicki admitted to making up the story saying, “I fabricated [the story] because I was looking for compassion from somebody.”

As for lie number three Vicki dished to Extra in July about Brooks scans and his progress saying, “We are hopeful, promising on his health. He had a recent scan last week. The lesions are decreasing, and his blood work is coming back better, so everything we’re doing is working.” Vicki then called out her RHOC co-stars for questioning Brooks’ health saying, “It’s so filthy, that I thought, if this is what you girls need for a story line, I’m out. I’m out because no way could anybody fake what he’s been going through, unless the doctors are in on it too, ’cause I go to the doctor visits, and they’re reading his scans.”

Now who’s the fake and filthy one Vicki?

Number five comes from Vicki’s blog where she wrote about Brooks’ cancer struggles that weren’t shown on TV.

“What you don’t see are the struggles Brooks has gone through by making the decision to reveal this season that he even has cancer. He did NOT want to, and I told him it was a way for us to show how we can inspire others who have cancer and how couples can ban together during this time. I had no idea it was going to be the focus this season. What you don’t see is the new treatment he is doing is working. His blood levels are improving, and he is feeling better. What you didn’t see are the numerous doctor visits and scans that Brooks has done, it has become a big part of his life to beat this cancer, and it’s working. What you don’t see are the night sweats, the high fevers, and the vomiting after his chemo treatments. What you don’t see is how sick he was earlier this year from doing chemo.”

Lie six comes from the reunion after Tamra Judge had said she felt Brooks “throws that cancer card out to get sympathy.” Vicki, on the other hand, claimed to believe Brooks truly has cancer saying, “I don’t have any proof that he doesn’t have cancer, and he won’t give me enough proof that he does have cancer. It’s so disgusting, this whole thing.”

Vicki is the biggest flip-flopper around, one minute she believes Brooks the next minute she doesn’t.

Lie number seven is a doozy, during season ten Vicki claimed that Brooks was using Club Detox OC juices and raw remedies to fight his cancer saying Brooks used the juices to “boost his immune system. Without having a strong immune system, the body will continue to breakdown. He is also being overseen by his oncologists and is finally seeing positive results on his recent scan that is very encouraging.”

What Vicki failed to mention is that she was promoting the brand on the show and was probably getting paid for it, which is just so shady! Vicki also used Brooks’ cancer to promote her life insurance business saying how many people lose their battle with cancer and don’t have the proper insurance to take care of their family and that they should get life insurance through her company.

It seems like Vicki profited in more than one way from Brooks’ “cancer” diagnosis.

The final lie in Vicki’s season ten coffin is when a fan questioned why Vicki still talks to Brooks even after all his lies. Vicki shot back at the fan saying,  “I don’t talk to him nor will I ever speak to him again. This man is sick. I am not the one who was untruthful – I loved a man and believed him just the way they believe their spouses.”

However, a source reveals that Vicki is in fact still in contact with Brooks! “They have texted a lot in the past few weeks, and they’ve spoken a couple of times.”

Another source believes that Vicki is still in love with Brooks. “She talks about missing him. She’s dating other people here and there, but she’s not over Brooks. I think she feels terrible about everything that’s happened. If it weren’t for her position in the spotlight, Brooks’ character would never have been called into question so publicly. When things were good with them, she was really happy, and they had a lot of fun. She’s sad that it’s over.”

Despite Brooks’ lies E!’s source says Vicki’s “angry and she feels stupid. But she still has feelings for him.”

Can you believe all the lies Vicki told about Brooks throughout season ten? Do you think Vicki hates Brooks or does she still have feelings for him? Do you think Vicki willingly lied about Brooks’ cancer to have a storyline and make a profit?

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