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RHOA Recap: The Shades Of It All


Our favorite Georgia Peaches are back!

RHOA kicks off with us getting a glimpse into the lives of each of the Georgia Peaches. We see Phaedra raising her boys as a single mom, Cynthia working with her models, Kandi and Todd enjoying their home life, Porsha flirting with the new man in her life, and Kenya reviewing plans for her new gigantic home that includes a three car garage and elevator.

We catch up with Kandi as her and Todd head to the doctor’s office, where we find out that Kandi has a bun in the oven! The parents-to-be get to hear their baby’s heartbeat and look so happy about it! Hopefully, their dream of having a baby boy comes true.

Then we hop over to Casa de Phaedra, where she’s preparing for Porsha to come over. When Porsha arrives, she and Phaedra dish a little about their lives. Porsha is dating a new, much younger man. Phaedra, on the other hand, is doing pretty good without Apollo and is adjusting to single motherhood. Porsha then whips out her phone and shows Phaedra a video of Peter getting too friendly with a women at a nightclub. The ladies gossip about it, and Phaedra thinks maybe Cynthia should have focused on her marriage instead of worrying about her and Apollo.

Next we flip to Cynthia and Peter, where Cynthia reveals that she doesn’t often see Peter  since he opened up his club in Charlotte. Cynthia brings up the video to Peter and says it was extremely inappropriate for Peter to be so up close and personal with another female. Although Cynthia doesn’t think Peter cheated on her, she does think it looks bad and will lead to gossip. Peter doesn’t see anything wrong with the video and wants to end the conversation which only further infuriates Cynthia. Cynthia isn’t letting Peter off the hook and refuses just to sweep this issue under the rug.

Back in Porsha land, we see the newly attached Housewife getting a hotel suite all ready for her new man. Porsha’s new man Duke arrives, who happens to be a football player for the Buffalo Bills. In her new relationship, Porsha is rocking the cradle with her much younger man, who turns out to only be 24. Get it girl! The two lovebirds can’t keep their hands off each other and Porsha spoils him with a new shirt, champagne, and strawberries. Finally, the two take things to the bedroom for some private sexy time!

We finally catch up with Kenya, as she shows off her new home to Cynthia. The two ladies catch up with each other in the car as they drive through Kenya’s new neighborhood. They quickly realize that Kenya’s new home is right near RHOA alum Sheree’s house and decide to do a drive by. Sadly Sheree’s house is incomplete and looks a little bit sad. During the drive, Cynthia opens up to Kenya about Peter’s video saying that she’s pissed and just doesn’t know how to deal with Peter right now. Currently, Cynthia’s main focus is her eyewear line, and she would rather be shitting eyewear than dealing with Peter’s shit at the moment. After a crazy drive up a winding driveway, they arrive at Kenya’s new house, which is less than fabulous looking from the outside. The house is a fixer-upper to say the least. Kenya bought the foreclosed house and is planning on fixing it up. Kenya has some big plans for the house that include an elevator and more!

Phaedra makes another appearance, and we see her dishing to her mom about Apollo. While things haven’t been easy without Apollo, she’s making it work. Phaedra reveals that life is still hard and that she still has her and up down days with Apollo but does say that he calls the boys all the time and talks.

Flipping over to Kandi and Todd, they go into their garage and reveal that Apollo is storing all of his belongs at their home because he has nowhere else to put them. According to Todd, Apollo hasn’t seen his kids, says Phaedra and kids never answer the phone when Apollo calls. It turns out that Kandi also hasn’t talked to Phaedra in a while; saying their friendship continues to be in a weird place.

Still talking with her mom, Phaedra reveals that going through tough times quickly shows you who your real friends are. Phaedra also says that her friendship with Kandi isn’t the same, especially since Kandi has been so sympathetic towards Apollo.

Todd and Kandi continue to discuss Phaedra, and it seems that money may have been what broke up Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship. Todd reveals that Phaedra didn’t pay him the rest of the money owed for producing and creating her workout video. Todd wants Kandi to confront Phaedra and ask her when she is going to pay him.

Phaedra then reveals that she will be divorcing Apollo. For so long Phaedra says she didn’t know where her marriage stood but after Apollo made it clear he wants a divorce, she’s happy to grant his wish.

We meet up with Cynthia again as she is planning her chic eyewear launch party. Cynthia’s sister Malorie pops by her house and ladies pour some champs and have a drink. Right away Malorie dives in and asks Cynthia how she is and inquires about Peter’s video. Cynthia reveals that she’s not good, but she’s trying to focus on other things. In the middle of talking Cynthia reveals that Peter wants to get a place in Charlotte, which Malorie shuts down immediately. Cynthia reveals that she doesn’t believe that Peter is cheating and says she’s still in love with him. When asked, Cynthia admits that she’s not attracted to Peter without his clothes on but says she never married him for his body, claiming she’s always been more attracted to his mind. Malorie says she thinks Peter is cheating and says that if she were in Cynthia’s position she would have left her husband for his inappropriate behavior in that video. On the other hand, Cynthia says every marriage goes through things but admits how upset she is over all of this. Malorie comforts Cynthia and promises that she and the family are there for her.

Cynthia is then setting up her eyewear launch party but doesn’t know if Peter will make it even though she wants him there. Party time arrives, and everyone shows up to support Cynthia. Cynthia is running late and is planning a grand entrance.

The ladies arrive and throw around a lot of fake cheek kisses and hellos. Marlo returns, making a flamboyant entrance. Marlo and Kenya get to catching up, and Marlo tells Kenya she didn’t know she moved. The ladies begin to dish about Kenya’s new home, and Kenya reveals that her new home is right near Chateau Sheree, which is still unfinished even though it’s been four years. The ladies throw some shade at Sheree making it seem like she can’t afford to finish the house, which maybe she can’t. Kenya goes on to say that the unfinished Chateau Sheree is causing the neighbors to complain and is bringing down the values of the homes.

Back at the party, Peter arrives, and Kenya isn’t too happy with him since she thinks he needs to keep his butt in Atlanta and fix his marriage. Kenya asks Peter why he’s late and where’ s he been, Peter reveals that he was with his video people including the women he got a little too friendly with. Like any good friend Keyna gets pissed that Peter was with the video girl which causes Peter to explode with anger. Peter and Kenya go at it which makes Kenya even more suspicious because if Peter weren’t guilty he wouldn’t be getting so upset. Peter eventually storms off leaving Kenya shocked by his behavior.

Kenya goes and dishes about Peter antics to Marlo, and then they go tell the rest of the ladies who are equally shocked by Peter’s behavior. Cynthia’s sister Malorie pops up and reveals to the ladies that she thinks Peter is cheating. In a moment of gossip, Malorie starts dishing all Cynthia’s business to her friends; saying that Cynthia isn’t attracted to Peter’s naked body. The ladies are shocked that Malorie is telling all of Cynthia’s marriage issues to them.

Cynthia finally arrives and makes a grand entrance at the party. Cynthia shows up looking fabulous wearing a white bikini with a embellished cover-up. Peter doesn’t look happy with Cynthia’s wardrobe choice.

The party gets going, and all of the ladies are having fun, chatting and enjoying the evening.

Then, the moment RHOA fans have been waiting for happens, Sheree shows up fashionably late to the party. Sheree is greeted by Marlo, and they go and find all the ladies. The ladies do their standard cheek kisses upon Sheree’s arrival while giving her a once over. Kenya jumps right in and reveals to Sheree that they are neighbors; revealing that everyone in the neighborhood is complaining about Chateau Sheree being unfinished and how long it’s taking to build. Sheree is shocked and tells everyone that until they build a house they can shut up and keep renting! Things quickly get ugly between Sheree and Kenya especially when Sheree throws shade at Kenya saying her new house is mold infested. Cynthia isn’t happy about the fighting. Sheree then kicks things up a notch and starts name calling and screaming at Kenya.

Glasses begin to fly but this fight it to be continued next Sunday!

Thoughts on the season eight premiere? How did RHOA do without NeNe?

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