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Lizzie Rosvek Gets Candid About RHOC Season Ten!


The Real Housewives of Orange County’s very own sun-kitten recently sat down with Bravo to break down this season! This was Lizzie Rosvek’s second season on the show, and even though she was only back as a “friend” of the housewives, she has a lot to say! Lizzie seemed like the voice of reason this season (very much different than her first) and we saw her supporting all of the women at one point or another. Even when she was an avid Vicki supporter, she tried to help Meghan avoid any more drama. I really enjoyed Lizzie this season and wish she got more screen time; maybe she’ll be back for season 11! We’ve got Lizzie’s full interview with Bravo below.

Bravo: Do you think Jim Edmonds was portrayed accurately this season? Anything that we’d be surprised to learn about him or his relationship with Meghan?   

I think so. Jim was the same guy on camera and off camera as far as I could tell. I think Jim is funny. What guy wants to willingly get involved with the women’s drama on the show? Jim is a typical guy and a lot like Christian in the sense that he seems uninterested and annoyed by the drama. However, I don’t necessarily think he was portrayed as a very loving and supportive husband, but viewers see only parts of our relationships on the show, and when I have been with the Edmonds I have seen them happy and fun together.

Well, that disputes Jim Edmonds’ theory that he only acted a certain way ON camera. I agree with Lizzie though men usually could care less about women’s drama, and it wasn’t something he’d care to waste his time with. As for them being “happy and fun together,” that supports what Meghan has been saying and is good to hear. I wonder how things are between Lizzie and Meghan now?

Bravo: Do you think Vicki should have repeated the story she heard about Meghan and Jim’s marriage?

I don’t necessarily agree with repeating this story, but Vicki was taking a lot of heat from Meghan. Meghan tried to expose Vicki as a con artist all season. Who wouldn’t be annoyed at being investigated behind your back by someone that barely knows you? It’s not like everyone saw Jim and Meghan in this amazing relationship. I personally didn’t find it that offensive. It seems like all season everyone can say whatever they want, no matter how hurtful or inappropriate it may seem; but as soon as Vicki opens her mouth everyone is so quick to be appalled and shocked. Come on!

Meghan and Vicki were already having problems when Vicki repeated the story about the Edmond’s marriage, obviously she wasn’t going to be saying nice things about her. I don’t know why this was such a shock to Meghan, maybe did she think her husband did say something like that? Granted, after what Vicki said at the reunion she obviously needed to be more careful in what she repeated. Vicki really couldn’t win with the women at this point, especially Meghan so I do agree with Lizzie that whatever she said would have been a problem!

Bravo: What do you think about Shannon and David’s decision to be speak openly about their marital struggles? 

I think it takes a lot of courage to get on a television show and speak openly about any marital struggles. So many people are judging you and I know Shannon and David both were suffering. Hopefully, their story will help other people. I’m very happy for them. They seem to be in a wonderful place right now. Marriage is hard for everyone; we all go through difficult times.

Bravo: If you were in Shannon’s shoes, would you be that open about your own relationship struggles? 

If I were Shannon, I would do the same thing. However, David had to be willing to do that, too. Christian has a very difficult time expressing himself in difficult times. I would have liked to be more open about some hardships in my marriage, but Christian wasn’t willing to do that this year. I really held back in respect to my husband’s wishes. My number one concern will always be the welfare of my family and most importantly, my children. Shannon and David were on the same page and were ready to openly share their journey and struggle. I admire them both for that.

Lizzie and Shannon were so close this season and I loved it! I don’t know if I agree that a reality t.v. show is the best place to work on your marriage troubles, yet the Beador’s seem to be doing better then ever! I was surprised to hear Lizzie would do the same if Christian was into it. David does not seem that comfortable on camera, (especially at marriage counseling) but if he didn’t want his marriage issues on the show they wouldn’t be there. He signs a contract too!

Bravo: Was it shocking to hear Vicki’s comments about Tamra’s custody battle at Tamra’s sex party?

Tamra was going through that custody battle last season. I have never felt comfortable remarking about that before and I still don’t now. Tamra and Vicki have a long history. I have heard Vicki defend Tamra in her custody battle many many times — I’m not sure what that was all about. I know that Vicki feels that somehow Tamra is behind the dispelling of Brooks’ cancer and perhaps that was in retaliation?

Lizzie must be sensitive to Tamra’s custody issues anyway; Tamra blames her bad behavior from last season on her custody battle, and if you remember these two did not get along (“You’re crap Tamra“). We have seen Vicki defend Tamra time after time when it comes to her divorce and children. However, what Vicki said…especially ON camera was completely out of line and portrayed her in a very bad light. Lizzie states that she knows Vicki feels Tamra is behind the doubts about Brooks’ cancer, Lizzie and Vicki are friends so she must actually know this to be true!

Bravo: How did you react to hearing Briana tell her stories about Brooks?

The stories that Briana told about Brooks were horrible. The sad thing is I believe her. I don’t understand why Briana would lie about that. It seems to me that Briana really loves her mom. I honestly feel bad for Vicki and have for the second half of this season. Love is the strongest emotion, drug, what have you on the planet. Love can be blind and I’ve seen women I love date men like this. From my experience, Brooks was always a very nice guy and a gentleman and seemed to make Vicki very happy. It’s really appalling to hear that he hit on Briana while she was pregnant along with the other things he was saying and doing.

Like the rest of the country, Lizzie is appalled by “Girth Brooks.” Even someone who seemed to like Brooks believes Briana. Regardless of their battles over the years, Briana clearly won this war!

Bravo: Brooks blames the Housewives and Briana for his break up with Vicki. Do you think that’s the real reason why they broke up?

I know how happy Vicki was with Brooks. I have heard a lot of colorful stories about Brooks in the past. I understand Vicki loved Brooks a lot and it seemed to me that they had put the past behind them and moved forward in a positive light. I think that if Brooks’ cancer was not put under a spotlight and was not the target of the season, I think they would probably still be together. Vicki hasn’t had a break this season and I honestly don’t know what Brooks’ real story is. At this point, I’m not sure I even care. Vicki and Brooks have both been put through the ringer this year by the cast and the world. My only concern is for Vicki to be surrounded by some loyal people and that she is okay.

Bravo: Do you think Brooks and Vicki will ever get back together?

I honestly don’t know. They seem to have been through a lot of ups and downs together. Vicki told me that Brooks was the love of her life. That kind of love is very, very difficult to get over.

I agree that Vicki and Brooks would probably still be together if his cancer wasn’t questioned this past season! He is such a shady guy, that something else would have come up eventually now that he’s in the public eye! I hope they NEVER get back together. Vicki needs to take the time now to grieve her mother and fill that love tank again, with someone new!

Bravo: We’ve seen you be the voice of reason more than once. Do you think there’s a possibility that Vicki and Shannon will be able to mend their friendship?  

I definitely think Vicki and Shannon can mend their relationship if they are willing to try. Tamra did a lot of things to Shannon last year. Shannon felt the exact same way about Tamra at the end of last season as she does about Vicki now. Guess what? She forgave Tamra and they are closer than ever. Shannon has forgiven her husband. Shannon is a devout Christian and has shown the world that she can forgive. Hopefully at some point these two do make amends.

Shannon is VERY forgiving as we’ve seen, and I don’t doubt her and Vicki will be friends again. They cracked me up on the show (anyone remember when they went drunk kayaking?) and I’d love to see more. I also can’t forget when Shannon was not included at Meghan’s charity event so Vicki didn’t go. These girls had a genuine, not just for TV friendship and hopefully they will mend things soon!

Bravo:How do you think Meghan has handled her rookie season? What advice (if any) do you have for her? 

It was nice to see Meghan more reserved and a little softer at the reunion. That is the Meghan I initially met; that is the girl I became friends with. It’s not a secret that I haven’t agreed with the lengths Meghan went to this season with the investigations, etc. I think Meghan was making her mark for her first season. I have to appreciate her boldness, but it was nice to see the sweeter side to her. That’s the girl I know.

She certainly answered that question nicely, because Meghan actually handled herself like a pitbull/detective! She was much nicer at the reunion, which was weird because that’s when the ladies usually get the craziest! (Maybe it’s the brown hair?) Meghan makes for great TV, but I just don’t see her fitting in with this group of women. Hey, maybe she’ll get one of those hosting jobs her husband claimed she wanted from the show!

What’s been the most shocking revelation revealed at the reunion thus far?

The most shocking revelation revealed at the reunion was “Girth Brooks.”  I mean, who says that to their girlfriend’s pregnant daughter? I was completely disgusted by that.

Totally agree, his new nickname should be “Gross Brooks.”

Do you think Brooks has cancer?

I honestly can’t say 100 percent that he doesn’t or that he does or that he did… Either way I hope he gets better.

This questions is so old, and I can’t be the only one who thinks so. After this Monday night’s Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion part 3 hopefully we never ask again! We will most likely NEVER get the truth on this!

Is anyone else wondering why Lizzie wasn’t at the reunion. Even thought she was only a “friend,” they are almost always in attendance. During both her first season, as well as her second I liked Lizzie. I thought that this season she was a great support for the ladies, and I’m sure they were grateful she was a part of the show. However, her sweet girl, neutral behavior is not going to get that orange in her hand for next season!

What did you think of Lizzie’s interview with Bravo? What did you agree/disagree with? Do you like Lizzie? Why do you think she wasn’t at the reunion? Will Lizzie be back on RHOC next season?

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