Alexis Bellino Says Andy Cohen Didn’t Read Her Full Email At RHOC Reunion!

real-housewives-star-alexis-bellino Alexis Bellino may no longer be a Real Housewife, but she managed to make an unconventional appearance on the Real Housewives of Orange County season ten reunion. “Jesus Jugs” is now apologizing for her remarks and claims that Andy Cohen didn’t read her entire email to Tamra Judge at the RHOC reunion. While many found Alexis’ email criticizing Tamra’s decision to get baptized as scathing and judgmental, Alexis claims that wasn’t her goal. After receiving heat from the email, Alexis posted on social claiming this was part of the email Andy left out. “Andy did not read this part of my email, “I truly hope Tamra has found the Lord because He will be the most invaluable precious thing she will ever have in life.” THAT is my heart. God is a God of miracles, so I was hopeful and praying He would call the person who criticized me the most for my faith to His Kingdom one day.” Alexis also took the chance to apologize to Tamra saying, “I can see how my email might have come came across judgemental last night on RHOC, and I’m sorry about that, that was not my heart. @tamrajudge I’m sorry for sounding judgemental.I was not trying to judge Tamra, I just wanted to make sure this was all coming from a good place, so please do not judge me. The Bible is clear that we are to hold each other accountable as sisters in Christ. I am imperfect and human, but I am steadfast in my faith and the Lord laid this conviction on my heart.” Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 6.16.16 AM Tamra, on the other hand, reached out to Alexis after the reunion via text, saying, “As a Christian, I’m confused on your judgment. I would think you would be uplifting and encouraging of my decision. I have also learned that just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean that you are perfect, so I forgive you. As you know, as a new Christian, it’s an amazing journey, and I now see what you were so excited to share on the show…. I’m sorry for any pain that I caused you and I truly wish you nothing but a blessed life. Maybe one day we could sit down and talk.’ And then I put Luke 6:37, basically, ‘Thou shall not judge.”

Was Alexis Bellino’s email to Tamra judgemental?

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Alexis Bellino apologized for the judgmental tone that her email to Tamra Judge may have conveyed during the Real Housewives of Orange County season ten reunion. She clarified that her intention was not to judge Tamra but rather to express her hope that Tamra had found solace in her faith.

Alexis Bellino took to social media to address the criticism she received for her email. She shared a portion of the email that was not read by Andy Cohen during the reunion, emphasizing her genuine concern for Tamra’s spiritual journey. Alexis also apologized to Tamra for any judgmental tone that may have been perceived.

Tamra Judge reached out to Alexis Bellino after the reunion via text message. She expressed confusion over Alexis’ judgment and expected more support as fellow Christians. However, Tamra forgave Alexis, acknowledging that being a Christian does not equate to perfection. Tamra also extended an invitation to have a conversation in the future, emphasizing the importance of not judging others.

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