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RHONJ Recap: Teresa Checks In Part Two!

teresa checks in

Tonight kicks off with Joe being Mr. Mom and doing his best attempt to do his daughters hair. Melissa Gorga pops in and takes all the Giudice girls for manicures and pedicures that is an activity Teresa would more than approve of. In the meantime, Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga go to workout and show off their masculinity.

Melissa bonds with the girls as they get mani and pedi’s. How cute are Milania and Antonia? Gabriella talks with her god mom, Melissa, about her need to keep the house clean and orderly while her mom is away. It’s so adorable how Gabriella is trying to keep the house the way Teresa would want it. Melissa gushes about her goddaughter and shows how proud she is. Gia and Melissa have a moment as well, and they discuss daily life without Teresa. Melissa encourages Gia to remember to be a teenager despite the amount of responsibility she has at home. Gia plays coy when asked about her love life, but Melissa makes it clear that she’s there for Gia when she needs it. Melissa obviously really wants to be there for Teresa’s girls despite her and Teresa’s past issues.

The Joes workout and talk about a lot of TMI including, sexy time, phone sex, and self-pleasure. Joe Giudice admits to sending dirty emails back and forth with Teresa and about his self -pleasure habits while Teresa is gone.

Teresa’s lawyer stops by and talks with Joe about Teresa’s prison diary. Tre’s lawyer opens up about how prison has changed her a lot but that she’s still her feisty self. It’s revealed that Teresa will be released on December 23, and Joe opens up about taking care of his girls and keeping himself healthy.

Back at the Giudice house, they prepare for the Gorga’s to come by for dinner. Gia reveals that while she doesn’t cook, she does get her sisters dressed for school int he morning. We see the Giudice girls bicker here and there which is expected for sisters. The Gorga’s arrive with Teresa’s parents in tow. As they arrive, Teresa calls and the family gets to talk with her. It’s emotional for the family to talk to Teresa despite how happy they are to hear from her. Gia talks about how great her mom looks in prison. Joe Gorga opens up about it taking six months for him to get approved to see Teresa.

The family has a big dinner as they make Fourth of July plans. Melissa and Joe offer to take the family down the shore. Melissa opens up about not being approved to visit Teresa, and Gia tells her that it takes a long time to get approved. Teresa’s dad reveals he will not visit Teresa in prison and will see her when she get’s out. How sad is that? The Joes discuss how emotional it is and will be to see Teresa in prison. Gia admits that it’s happy when you first see Teresa but it gets sad when the guards tell you to leave.

Joe and Teresa’s lawyer meet again, and Joe opens up about possibly losing their shore house and reveals that the house is pending being sold at a sheriff sale. Joe opens up about not being a citizen; saying that he came here when he was one and that while his parents and siblings are citizens it never crossed his mind to become one.

Teresa calls again as the family prepares to head down the shore. Milania affectionately says hi to her mom by calling her mother nature. Teresa reveals that gossip magazines are trying to get pictures of her in prison, even flying planes over the prison. Also, Teresa says that Real Housewives drama is nothing compared to prison drama.

The Gorga’s arrive to take the Giudice’s to the shore. In the car ride, Joe Giudice reveals that he either has to pay the lawyers or keep the shore house, and he needs to pay the lawyers. He also reveals that he will have to go to Fort Dix in March then report to the low-security prison he will serve his time at. Gia admits that it will be hard being at the shore without her mom because the summer is her season. Gia also opens up that she wanted her parents to be honest with her about their prison sentences, and reveals that all the girls minus Audrianna know what’s going on because they are smart.

At the shore house, the family relaxes and has fun. Joe Gorga tries to talk with Gia about boys, and it turns into a funny and sweet conversation. Teresa calls again and talks with her soccer-loving daughter Gabriella about the World Cup; saying that she can see her being on that team one day. The phone unexpectedly cuts out because Teresa ran out of her minutes. Melissa breaks down and gets upset that Teresa has to talk to her kids over a phone.

Joe then talks with his daughters telling them he won’t be here next year or for the next couple of years. The girls are shocked by their dad’s revelation, and it’s clear the youngest ones don’t fully understand what’s doing on. The baby Audrianna has the most questions asking how far away Joe will be and if he will be at the same place mommy is now. The most heartbreaking moment comes when Audrianna tells her dad, “don’t go.”

Back in Montville, Joe is spending time with his girls, cooking them breakfast as Teresa calls. Teresa reveals that after having Gia tweet a message to her fans, she was shaken down in prison. Teresa and her room were searched after the tweet because they thought she may have a cell phone. Gia hears her name and questions why Joe and Teresa are talking about her; Joe tells her to mind her own business as they are talking about her, not to her.

Then Joe, who can’t drive, rides his bike to the train station to head to NYC. Joe is meeting with his lawyer and Angelo, a former prisoner, so Joe can get an idea of what he can expect from prison. Joe meets at Rino Aprea’s restaurant, and it seems that Joe and Rino have become good friends. Joe reveals that he walked away from the chance to be in the mob and instead chose to use his trade. Joe admits that he’s scared of prison and doesn’t know if he can do it. Joe says that when he comes out of prison he will do what he needs to do to support his family, which means using one of his trades. Joe reveals that he’s most worried about his family, and Angelo says he can’t worry about that.

Part three of Teresa Checks In airs next Sunday!

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