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Brandi Glanville Will Only Return To ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ If Bravo Pays Her The Big Bucks!


Andy Cohen may want Brandi Glanville back on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but Brandi’s no fool and is holding out for a whole lotta money. Brandi’s having her very own Jerry McGuire moment telling Bravo, “show me the money” before she rejoins the RHOBH cast.

It turns out Bravo offered Brandi a chance to return to RHOBH on an episode-by-episode basis, but she quickly trashed their offer because she felt they were lowballing her.

Sources say a $15,000 an episode check was dangled in front of Brandi, but she didn’t bit.

“Brandi told me they asked her to come back, but the money is so small that she basically said, F you,” said a source claims. “They wanted her to be on just a couple of episodes, so it’s really not worth her while.”

It seems that as of now Bravo won’t be getting their wish for Brandi to “wrap up her story” during season six.

Do you think Brandi should take Bravo’s offer? Is $15000 an episode a lowball offer? Tell us what you think!

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