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RHONJ Recap: Teresa Giudice Checks In!

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It’s been months since Bravo has teased us with a Real Housewives of New Jersey special featuring Teresa Giudice. The night has finally come and part one of the special aired today. The special began with the family getting ready for Gia’s eighth grade homecoming. Gia has grown quite a bit and is getting her makeup and hair done while Joe Giudice takes care for Milania, Audriana, and Gabriella. Teresa’s parents stop by and they are making this a big party! Although Teresa has been in prison, she made sure that this is a memorable night for Gia and has arranged everything. Teresa should have her own show after pulling all of this off called, ‘Planning from Prison.’ Hah!

Joe looks drained and it’s not surprising to see. It’s clear he feels very guilty about Teresa being behind bars. We find out that Teresa’s father Frank has yet to visit Teresa in prison because he doesn’t feel like he will be able to contain himself. And that’s understandable being that he is so sick and this will cause more stress and anxiety.

Melissa and Joe Gorga are back at home. Melissa wishes that she could help more. She points out that she does take Teresa’s children to the movies and has sleepovers but wishes there was more she and Joe Gorga could do. She was also bothered that Joe and herself weren’t told to come to Gia’s homecoming party pictures at T’s house. Joe Gorga reveals that he and Teresa have been in contact and he believes Teresa knows how much he cares. It’s not very shocking that Melissa and Joe Gorga aren’t asked to do much for Teresa and Juicy because of their past relationship. Teresa obviously doesn’t trust Melissa and imagine if the two got into it again. Melissa would probably throw it in Teresa’s face and mention how much she did for T’s children while she was away. Teresa won’t risk that.

Back at the Giudice’s, Teresa calls in to see how things are going for Gia on her big day. Teresa is remaining super positive and doing her best to be strong enough for her family. She talks to Juicy, and asks how things are going. Teresa’s father is struggling to even hear Teresa’s voice. Gia comes downstairs after doing her make up to speak with Teresa. Gia is trying to remain strong but is upset that her mother is not there. Gia starts getting emotional which makes everyone else get emotional (including me.) Teresa’s father can’t handle seeing his granddaughter so upset that he has to walk away. Milania makes sure to follow her grandfather and check on him. Gabriella is one strong cookie as she is trying to help Gia get it together and not get emotional with Teresa because we know that will just make Teresa even more sad she’s not there. Teresa tries to make things better and does not want to know Gia is crying especially after getting her make up done!

You can say whatever you want about Teresa but one things certain and that’s that she is an unbelievable mother who genuinely cares about her daughters more than anything. Teresa just wants to make sure Gia has a great time and that Juicy is OK being that it’s the one year anniversary of his father’s passing. After the emotional phone call, Joe heads outside to plant a tree with his brother Pete and their daughters. Juicy is very emotional with guilt. He knows Teresa is behind bars because of him and he sometimes question whether his father suddenly passed due to stress about his legal issues. Joe gives an emotional speech which has everyone at home like me in tears. Milania changes the mood when she finds Gia and her date, Dante to introduce him to Juicy. This should be interesting and it is! Not even because of Juicy but because of Milania. Juicy is giving him the typical dad speech and Dante’s face turns bright red. Gia just wants to leave at this point which is hilarious. Milania adds some funny commentary by telling Dante that the next time he goes out with Gia not to wear the shoes that he’s wearing. She also has some major issues with both his earrings. LOL. When Gia leaves, Milania makes sure to remind Gia to keep her hands to herself.

Days later, Rosie and Juicy meet up. It’s nice that they have maintained their relationship despite all that’s happened with Kathy and Richie. We find out that Joe is only able to see Teresa once every two weeks because he is a felon while his children see her every weekend. Teresa’s lawyer James points out that Teresa will have to go through the same thing.

It’s Gia’s middle school graduation! Gia is heartbroken that her mother can’t make it and Milania is acting up. I think Milania is struggling the most. She was the most attached to her mother. Juicy throws Gia a graduation and Melissa and Joe Gorga attend. It sucks that Teresa is missing this but everyone is trying their best to remain strong.

Later that night, Teresa calls Joe and you can tell that he is beyond emotional any time he hears her voice. Teresa plays around and asks Juicy if he wants to have phone sex. Juicy reveals he is on the couch and hasn’t been in their room since T has left. Juicy’s love for Teresa for dealing with all of this just much stronger. Next week, we get to watch as Teresa opens up on what goes on behind prison plus more. Thought’s on tonight’s special? Let’s Discuss!

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