Shannon Beador: Infidelity Feels Like Death



Season ten of the Real Housewives of Orange County has been a rough one for Shannon Beador. During the season, Shannon has privately dealt with her husband David’s affair, on top of dealing with the drama and cattiness with her cast mates. In her Bravo blog this week Shannon opens up about her ongoing fight to save her marriage and her feelings about her friendship with Vicki Gunvalson. See what Shannon had to say below!

“I haven’t submitted a blog for the last couple of weeks because it has been a little crazy! I feel like I am on a treadmill!

I have looked at some of the social media comments in the last few weeks and I have to say it is quite upsetting to hear that some viewers believe I haven’t been a good friend to Vicki Gunvalson. I have been by my friend’s side throughout this season, more than any other cast member. As a good friend, I wanted to help Vicki and Brooks stop the rumors about his illness. As much as she thought she could say “put a pin in it” and stop the talk, that wasn’t happening. I asked Vicki to lunch because I wanted her to truly end the talk and speculation. Originally I believed it was outrageous for Brooks to produce medical records to shut speculation down about his illness, but after a certain point, I realized it was the only thing that would actually end the discussion. I cannot comprehend how that constitutes a bad friend.

In this episode, we meet with our relationship counselor, Tina Konkin, who has been so instrumental in giving us the tools to move forward. It has been a difficult road, but David and I are in an incredible place today. I continue to focus on the positive in my life and in our marriage, and when bad memories come to me, I remind myself of all the good. You actually see an example of how I go to a “dark moment” and how I can quickly get out of it. It is possible!!! I’m not going to say it was the easiest process. Infidelity feels like death. But we are there…and beyond! I could not be more grateful for where my life is today.

At this point, Vicki is the only person I have talked to about David’s affair (other than my two best friends, Jana, and Kristina). The “Brooks illness” issue has created a very unique bond between Tamra, Heather, and I. It is true that David and I discussed our struggles on the show and at a certain point it was going to be all over the television, but at this point we have kept the infidelity to ourselves. I now know today that both women were aware of the affair long before I knew, and I appreciate their decision to keep the rumors from me.

I love that you get to see my daughters going make-up shopping. I don’t want my girls to grow up! I know most moms can relate!!! I have received a lot of backlash that we have put our children though too much by talking about our marriage on the show. I can honestly say that my girls have the biggest smiles on their faces because their father and I are in the best place we have ever been! That can only be a good thing! I did let them buy some make-up. Let’s see if I let them actually wear it…

So let’s get to the elephant in the room! Dr. Moon invented the most incredible home colonic system, the Sitolonic. Pretty much all illnesses comes from the gut. Millions of people use a Colema board, and I have been told that some have cured major illnesses from it. Dr. Moon’s approach is much cleaner and efficient! I chose to do this before the baptism because I had eaten a tangerine, and I bloated like I was six months pregnant! The Sitolonic got rid of the bloat, but, unfortunately, I broke apart the apparatus before I did it and here we are. The story of my life. Terry Dubrow said I should do an enema or go to the ER. David wanted me to go to the ER as well (he was panicked). Bottom line, I was fine. Not funny at the time, but we all got a good laugh for the rest of the night!

I am not looking forward to the baptism because I don’t like awkward situations, and I know it will be exactly that when seeing Vicki. I am very excited for Tamra, however, because she has truly transformed. She has been through so much in the last year and I truly admire her decision to get baptized.”

Thoughts on Shannon’s blog post? Has Shannon been a good or bad friend to Vicki? Will Shannon and Vicki repair their friendship? Are you happy to hear that Shannon and David are in an “incredible place today?”

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