Lizzie Rovsek Explains Taking Pregnancy Test In Tahiti; Plus Calls Out Heather Dubrow And Meghan King Edmonds!


When the ladies arrived to Tahiti for their vacation on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Lizzie Rovsek revealed that she thought she could be pregnant. Lizzie is opening up about the pregnancy test, which turned out to be negative, and she even calls out some of her costars along the way!

In her Bravo blog, Lizzie first explains her hesitation towards taking the test.

“When Vicki told everyone she found some pregnancy tests I felt torn about taking them,” Lizzie wrote. “I wanted to take the test because I wanted to know if I was pregnant or not. Before I left California it was too soon to tell. It had now been two days later and probably a pretty good time to test.”

She also discussed how she felt about taking the test with all the ladies around.

“I would have been fine taking the test with just Vicki and Shannon, but I love being with everyone and I didn’t think it was any kind of big secret. Why not make it a family affair,” Lizzie added. “I was happy to have the support of my friends.”

Lizzie even made it a point to respond to Heather Dubrow!

“I didn’t realize that Heather thought it was so tacky of me to take a pregnancy test in Tahiti,” Lizzie said. “Gee, I’m sorry I wasted three minutes of her trip.”

So, how did Lizzie feel about the negative result?

Lizzie continued, “I have to be honest I was a little relieved with the negative result. I would have been ecstatic to be pregnant, but we just started trying and I had not mentally prepared myself yet for having baby number three. Although, I don’t think that there is ever really the right time. Before I left for the trip Christian had insinuated to me, that he really wasn’t ready for baby number three and I started feeling uneasy about it all.”

Lizzie then called out Meghan King Edmonds for wishing her stepchildren were her own!

“I can’t understand why Meghan was so emotional about her stepchildren not being her own children? They have a mother,” Lizzie wrote. “If Christian remarried and another woman was the stepmother of my children and I heard her wish my kids were her biological children, I would be appalled.”

What are your thoughts on what Lizzie had to say about her pregnancy test? Do you agree with what she had to say about Heather and Meghan?

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