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Shannon Beador Says Meghan King Edmonds Hits Below The Belt


Real Housewives of Orange County stars Shannon Beador and Meghan King Edmonds started their friendship off on the wrong foot, and it seems that it’s taking them awhile to warm up to each other. In a recent interview with Perez Hilton, Shannon opens up about season ten of RHOC and reveals why she believes her and Meghan didn’t initially get along.

According to Shannon season ten of RHOC, is unlike any other season of Real Housewives. “I think it’s a very unique season because we do have our typical strong-willed six women bickering, but each person individually is going through something that’s very real or raw. And for this season I believe you’re seeing things you’ve never seen on any Housewives show.”

As for her rocky friendship with Meghan, Shannon puts the blame on Meghan saying she stirred the pot and hit below the belt during season ten. “You know as I watch back on my moments with Meghan King I am going to say that I don’t know if it’s a personality clash. I think it’s Meghan stirring the pot clash. Since the season started though I have communicated with her because you watch back the show, and you see the commentaries. I feel as if though I make playful jabs at her like ‘Oh you know she’s thirty and grow up’ that’s more playful. But I think she’s gone below the belt in the some of her comments about me because I don’t need protection from myself among the few other things she’s said.”

While critics of Shannon may say she’s age obsessed, and that’s why she didn’t initially like Meghan, Shannon disagrees. “I’m not obsessed with age, it’s the maturity I think. Maybe thirty was the wrong word to use I should have said immature.”

Do you think Meghan stirred the pot and hit below the belt when it came to Shannon? Are you #TeamShannon or #TeamMeghan? Who do you think is to blame for Meghan and Shannon not getting along? Do you think Meghan is immature?

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