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Brandi Glanville : The Women Of RHOBH Are C****S; I Don’t Like Them!


Brandi Glanville is completely over The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. Along with her departure from the show, Brandi has made it very clear that she is not taking the high road in her feud with her co stars. Brandi recently sat down with Howard Stern for a much anticipated interview that aired on Wednesday July 1st.

Although Brandi had threatened to expose secrets of her co stars, she disappointed many who were eager to hear anything the former reality star had to dish. This could be because of the various threats of lawsuits she was receiving from those co-stars that may have caused Brandi to back down. Smart choice, considering she is already dealing with too much on her plate, all which she mentions in the interview.

Brandi instead explained how much she dislikes her former costars, and explains that it truly was her decision to leave. In a Howard Stern excerpt clip, Howard wondered if the producers made the right choice by letting Brandi go telling her, “On a reality show you need an asshole to mix things up. The fact that you’re willing to take on that role, whether it’s produced or not, they need you in a sense don’t they?”

Brandi responds, “Well, last year was a really tough year for me because I felt like I played ball, I gave my all to the show, and then when it aired I felt like, ‘Oh my God, they did me no favors in the editing room.’ And I got really upset and a little depressed. I thought listen I’m playing ball cut me some slack. You don’t get a say. They’re making a reality show. They don’t care about us.”

Brandi then says that she’s only going to come back this upcoming season for a “little bit,” and a confused Howard asks her to clear up why she is coming back if she was apparently fired or she quit. Brandi then explains, “I didn’t want to do the show again. I took so much heat. I was doing things to my own detriment that I couldn’t explain … like throwing wine in someone’s face. I’m not sure why. And then I slapped Vanderpump, I’m really not sure why. But at the end of the day, I got so much hate on social media.”

Brandi assures that although she receives a lot of hate she is not cracking from the pressure because she has other things on her plate. Brandi explains that she talked to producers and truly didn’t want to come back and was getting offers to do other things. Brandi further elaborates her conversation with the producers saying, “I said, ‘Listen, I will come back if it makes sense – if it’s with Yolanda or if it’s with Kim.’ Otherwise, I don’t talk to the other ladies, and I don’t like them.”

Brandi then says that she can imagine Kyle and Lisa threatening producers that they will quit if Brandi returned to RHOBH. When Howard asks Brandi her thoughts on Kyle and Lisa assuring that Brandi did not walk away from the show and in fact got fired, Brandi blasted them and responded, “They don’t know. They have no idea. But here’s what sucks, and this is why they’re c—s. They are. I said that last time.. they really are. Because they’re saying I got fired, and I’m in the process of moving, trying to rent a house for my two children, and no one will rent to me because they don’t think I have a job.”

Brandi explained that these jobs are a new show and a “development deal with a big network” that she still cannot announce.

Thoughts on what Brandi had to say??

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