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LuAnn De Lesseps: I Wonder If Sonja Morgan Is Clueless, Self-Absorbed, Or Both!


The Real Housewives of New York star LuAnn De Lesseps and Sonja Morgan have had a strained friendship these past couple of seasons. It appears that LuAnn is fed up with Sonja’s recent antics on the show this season, and takes to her Bravo blog to call her out.

Read what LuAnn had to say:

I’ve never been happier to skip a limo ride than I was when the girls left to do AC! What was up with Lady Morgan leaving the girls singing (bitching) in the rain until she was ready to leave? Why couldn’t one of her multiple assistants make them a cup of tea while they waited? I wonder sometimes if Sonja is just clueless or self-absorbed (or both). The ride to AC is not a short one, and the girls argued incessantly in spite of Ramona’s pleading with them to shut the f— up! Come on ladies…Ramona’s had enough stress in her life lately. Can’t she get a little peace and relaxation on her birthday trip? No wonder why Bethenny starting downing her Skinnygirl margaritas!

This is not the first time we’ve seen Bethenny pee on television, but hopefully it’s our last. Incontinent women, baby wipes, and va-jjs are just the beginning of what you are going to see in Atlantic City. Wasn’t there a rest stop along the way?

The folks at the Borgata did a wonderful job for us. Heather was late for dinner that night–no question–and I find her denial of this fact confusing, because just hours earlier, she went ballistic on Bethenny for running behind schedule. Sonja started drinking before dinner (always a risky proposition), and she was tipsy by the time we left the suite to go to Izakaya. Sonja’s name-dropping JohnJohn/Gstaad/updo/Madonna/Gstaad/updo doesn’t just irritate Bethenny but annoys all of us, and her attempts to move Sonja on to another topic were futile. Is Sonja repeating herself, or as those in PR say, “staying on message”? You can’t reason with Sonja when she’s drinking, so I don’t even try.

What was up with Carole’s dig at me that I’m not European, I’m from Connecticut? I know where I’m from, but I also know where I’ve been, and I left the BURBS a long time ago. I think I’ll take Bethenny’s advice and keep my European look! Poor Ramona…the bickering continued through our dinner, and Sonja’s crying at the dinner table (not the first time) was about to send us over the edge. We were there for Ramona to have a good time, and she really has become a much kinder, humbler person post-Mario. Sometimes you have to know when to fold ’em and hit the dance floor!

Disco Disco Disco! I guess I’ve become the snatch guard for Sonja…OMG, keep your legs together woman. Unfortunately, my hands were not large enough to keep the crowd from getting an eyeful. When Sonja’s two sheets to the wind, at some point she’s going to try to make out with you–it happens every time. I’m used to it, though, and since I’m so much taller than her, half the time she misses my face. Bethenny finally had enough and left us to look after Sonja. Thank goodness Dorinda took a turn taking care of her. As Heather mentioned earlier, we’ve all had a shot at keeping her safe. After we pulled Sonja from the dance floor, and we knew she was ensconced in her room, the rest of us partied into the night. I think Ramona had a great time and even won money playing black jack.

OK, so how does Sonja recover so quickly? It’s barometric pressure, not baromic pressure, and as far as I know, this doesn’t affect whether or not you get wasted. Rain or shine, when Sonja has too much to drink, we end up taking care of her like any friend would do. Bethenny’s heartfelt intervention fell on deaf ears, and no matter how many compliments she gives Sonja to soften the impact, Sonja stays on message that she’s fine and doesn’t need any help. While I’m not a mental health professional (but I could be after seven seasons on this show), I agree that Sonja could benefit from counseling, because she seems stuck in the past. Her marriage ended a long time ago, but she seems to feel the pain of her breakup like it happened yesterday. Maybe like Bethenny said, every day is like Groundhog Day for Sonja, but I hope that she pulls herself together soon.

Will Sonja cut down her drinking? Will Bethenny ever get to relax on this trip? And will Kristen ever match her shoes…? This and more, from the Borgata to you, see you next week. Be there and be cool!

Thoughts on what LuAnn had to say?? Do you agree with what she had to say about Sonja??

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