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Bethenny Frankel: I Genuinely Didn’t Want to Upset Sonja


As the ladies of RHONY simmer down from their crazy AC trip, Bethenny reflects on crazy and hilarious events of the trip. Bethenny took to her Bravo blog to give fans an inside look at the trip to AC. See what Bethenny had to say below!

“Tonight is crazy and hilarious on so many levels.

When put in context, I suppose I understand how Heather was so pissed to have to stand outside. Evidently, she has carried Sonja into her bed after a crazy night on many occasions.

In fairness to Sonja, she probably doesn’t remember those nights, so she might not see the connection. I could go on about this for days, but then you’d fall asleep. You decide if you think it’s a big deal. Maybe she was banging an intern and needed privacy. Who cares really?

BUT I was overwhelmed when I got in that limo. It hadn’t cracked noon, and we were mainlining Skinnygirl Cocktails like it was our job. Oh wait; it is my job.

That limo ride made me pee–literally. When you gotta go, you gotta go. Is that really a big deal? For the record, Ramona did pee. I saw it, and I heard it, but she got self-conscious and realized that one day other people would see this. Big deal, R. I’ve seen you do way worse. Your pee is as yellow as the rest of ours.

I had a stressful time on this trip. Not because of the conversation, but I just happened to have a bad headache that night, and this dinner didn’t help that matter.

Poor Sonja. She had a rough one, and I genuinely didn’t want to upset her. I definitely have a perspective, and I definitely shared it. Maybe the truth hurts, and maybe it isn’t my job to tell her the truth.

For me, repetition can be maddening. Sonja likes to drive a point home but somehow gets lost on the ride home and takes a lot of circuitous turns. Not much to say.

As far as gambling, I was a real loser. I used to love gambling when I was broke, because I would just get further in the hole. Now that I have some money and know how hard it is to earn, I don’t love it as much.

The amount I lose is annoying, and the amount I’d win couldn’t change my life. Kristen definitely had beginner’s luck, which made me happy!

Carole kept betting on my bet, which was the wrong caboose to attach to. She has a great attitude overall.

Loved her ridiculous outfit. She enjoys a getup, as do I.

Now to the serious conversation…I was observing something; I wanted to try to reach Sonja. You will have to be the judge of whether that works.

It’s starting to get good; this is the turning point. You will love this on so many levels. I sure did, and these bitches and I do get crazy.


Do you think this season of RHONY is starting to get good? Was it Bethenny’s job to tell Sonja the truth?

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