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RHOA Recap: The Husbands Join The Ladies On Part Two Of The RHOA Reunion!

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The craziness continues on part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Sunday’s episode begins with Andy Cohen asking NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore if they ever wrote that check to Kenya’s charity to help education in Detroit. This season, both Kenya and NeNe bet that they would each write a $20,000 dollar check to the charity for Detroit schools. Kenya wrote the check and even showed proof on social media. NeNe didn’t which really upset Kenya. Kenya doesn’t understand why NeNe wouldn’t write the check if she said she would. NeNe says the reason she didn’t write the check is because she felt as if Kenya was making a mockery of the bet because she put it on social media. Kenya says the only reason she put it on social media is so that people didn’t think she was lying about writing the check. Kenya doesn’t understand why someone who claims that they are so rich wouldn’t write a check that would help out thousands of children in Detroit.

The subject changes towards Cynthia Bailey who now has a voice. Cynthia agrees she probably has come across as a b*tch this season but it’s because she now has a voice since she is no longer friends with NeNe Leakes. NeNe thinks it’s BS that Cynthia acts like because she was once friends with her, she didn’t have a voice. Phaedra has an issue with Cynthia. Phaedra is upset that Cynthia started the Mr. Chocolate rumor and kept it going especially with all that Phaedra has been going through. Cynthia says she doesn’t even care whether Phaedra was having an affair or not. Phaedra asks Cynthia if she didn’t care why would she make it her storyline? Cynthia responds that Apollo was Phaedra’s storyline and now Apollo is gone. The two continue to throw shade at each others success. Cynthia says Phaedra needs to win a case while Phaedra believes Cynthia needs to stay out of a case.

Kandi and Phaedra have been friends for a really long time on and off camera. But on this season, it was obvious Phaedra wasn’t very happy with Kandi. Phaedra felt as if Kandi was not there for her like she should have been considering what she was going through. This shocked Kandi because Kandi had no idea Phaedra felt this way. Kandi thinks if Phaedra felt a certain way, she should have addressed it instead of making comments to other people or in her interviews on camera. Phaedra says there were times where Kandi would ignore her. Kandi recalls one night that she did ignore her and it was the night that Apollo apologized to Kenya and Kandi was present. Kandi says she ignored her call because she knew she was going to see her the next day. Kandi says she stuck up for Phaedra that night anyways. I understand where both parties are coming from. If I was Phaedra, I would want Kandi to call me right away and tell me what happened considering that is my husband and she is my best friend. But Kandi says she was going to see Phaedra the next day anyways. Kandi says just like Phaedra she was also going through a lot of things like her family member entering prison and her play being cancelled. I do think Phaedra genuinely loves Kandi but I don’t think Kandi will ever be able to get over the fact that Phaedra was saying what she was saying behind her back. Andy asks Kandi what team she is on and Kandi says she isn’t choosing any teams because she is to grown for that.

Andy then turns the subject to NeNe Leakes who he believes lost a lot of friends throughout this season. NeNe says the only real friend she lost was Cynthia because they were actually best friends and very close. The husbands join the reunion. Andy asks Gregg how it felt to watch the episodes and see what Peter had to say about NeNe and Cynthia’s friendship. Gregg says it doesn’t matter and he’s a man’s man. He says he obviously didn’t like it but these are words and NeNe is strong. Andy brings up Mr. Chocolate and the text messages that Apollo showed Peter between Mr. Chocolate and Phaedra. Phaedra says the text messages are fake. Peter says he believes Apollo because he showed him it but he doesn’t care about it. He just cares about Apollo doing the right thing for the sake of his children. Cynthia says the reason she brought up the Chocolate rumors was so that Phaedra could shut it down. Kandi says that if Phaedra did have an affair, Apollo deserves it considering all that he’s put her through. Kenya thinks Phaedra is a liar and just wants her to tell the truth. Kenya accuses Phaedra of having a boob job while Apollo was going to prison. Phaedra denies those claims.

Phaedra calls Kenya Moore a flirt. She says Kenya was flirting with Apollo from day one that she met him. Andy asks Kenya whether she takes any responsibility for flirting with Apollo. Kenya says everyone flirts and even throws NeNe under the bus for flirting with Peter. NeNe says she has never flirted with Peter. Kenya calls out NeNe for not owning it. NeNe wants to be very clear and says Cynthia, Peter, Gregg and herself were always friends. NeNe is furious that Kenya would say something like that in front of her husband. Kenya does not care if NeNe feels like she is disrespecting her. The drama continues next week and Peter actually opens up on whether he feels NeNe ever flirted with him. Until then…thought’s on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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