Cynthia Bailey Says She Would Know If Peter Was Cheating



Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey is dishing about part one of the RHOA reunion. In her Bravo blog this week Cynthia opens up about her feelings going into the reunion, Porsha’s accusations against Peter, and NeNe’s response to her acting. See what Cynthia had to say below!

First off, Cynthia reveals that she actually gets excited about the reunion and likes the chance to set the record straight. “I am always excited for the reunion. It is the official end of a drama-filled season. I actually look forward to it, because it is a great opportunity to sit face to face with all the ladies, have the conversation, ask questions, and get asked questions, set the record straight, apologize or get an apology, try to get closure, and move forward. There will always be drama amongst us, and we are all old enough to deal with it like women.”

Cynthia then makes it very clear that she would know if Peter was cheating regardless of Porsha’s claims.“Peter is the most accessible husband on the show. Tons of women walk through the doors of Bar One and Sports One every day. It is his job to be cordial and take pictures with them if requested. If he is too nice, he is flirting with them. If he is too standoffish, he is an a–hole. Most of the women are genuine fans, but some do have agendas. Regardless, they have the opportunity to meet him, shake his hand, hug him, and take a picture with him. If Peter was cheating on me, I would know about it. Any woman that has been with my husband (knowing that he is a married man) is not going to keep it a secret. They are going to tell someone. Women with no self-value or integrity will always go out of their way to make sure the wife finds out. In their small minds, it’s a victory.”

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As for NeNe snubbing her acting, Cynthia says she new to acting and still learning but she thought she did well. “I am new to acting, and I am still learning. I thought I did a great job in Life Twirls On, and so did Kenya. I committed to the role and did my best. I’m good with that.”

I don’t think Cynthia is a terrible actress and she actually did pretty well for being a newbie. Plus it’s not like NeNe is Meryl Streep so she should stop acting like she’s won an Oscar and is a critically acclaimed actress. As for Porsha she had no story line this season (hence her demotion) so she talked crap on everyone and tried to rake them through the mud. Bye, Felicia!

Do you think Porsha’s accusation about Peter cheating is true? Would Cynthia know if Peter was cheating? Thoughts on NeNe’s reaction to Cynthia’s acting?

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