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RHOA Reunion Part One Recap: Bring on the Shade!


The thirst is real! The shade is real! The RHOA reunion is really real!

The reunion opens with the Housewives getting their makeup and hair done prior to the reunion beginning with each Housewife receiving a visit from Mr. Andy Cohen himself.

The ladies are in white and Andy calls the reunion a zen paradise. Andy kicks off by asking the Housewives how they are. Andy jokes about bringing out Sharee Whitfield and all the ladies get a sour look on their faces.

First off, we look at how unbeweavable the season was and the many wigs and weaves the ladies wore. Andy talks about how NeNe’s wigs almost broke the internet this season. Then Andy asks Kenya if her hair is real and she says 24 inches of it is, but she does have a clip in weave. Andy also asks if her weave is her only prop tonight and she assures him it is.

We then go to NeNe’s portrayal as the Stepmother in Cinderella on Broadway. NeNe talks about how she was nervous about being on Broadway. Turns out only Phaedra saw her on Broadway and none of them reached out to her on opening night. Claudia says that it’s hard to be around NeNe when she constantly tries to put people down and only wants to focus on her success. Nene then doesn’t want to talk about her son Bryson who she says is twenty-five and doing well.

Then Andy asks about a shady Twitter comment NeNe posted and asks who it was about. NeNe says it was about Kandi. NeNe thinks that Kandi really hates her while Kandi says she doesn’t hate her, but she does hate her superior complex. She hates when NeNe talks down to everyone in the group, Kandi says her and NeNe haven’t been on the best of terms the last two seasons. NeNe is being ridiculous and continues to play the victim while she continues to scream “I’m the problem, I’m the problem.”

Kandi says that NeNe constantly talked bad about Phaedra over the past few seasons, but all the sudden is BFF’s with her. NeNe says her and Phaedra connected because they both have kids who were devastated when their fathers left the family due to divorce or prison. Kandi says that she knows that NeNe will blast secrets about former friends when she is done with them. NeNe again starts with the “I’m the problem, I’m the problem.”

Then we move to Phaedra and Apollo and the demise of their marriage. Andy calls Phaedra a survivor. We then go through tips of Apollo and Phaedra throughout the season. Andy asks Phaedra if she’s brought her kids to Apollo. Phaedra says no, she says there are a lot of restrictions at these places and she has a one-year-old. Plus there was a lot of snow in Kentucky this winter. Phaedra says that it’s easy for people judge when they aren’t in the situation.

Kandi says she’s been to the prison where Apollo is and eight years is a long time for the kids not to see Apollo. Phaedra says that she’s not divorced yet and that she hasn’t even filed. She needs to make the best choice for her kids and wants her kids to see this all one day and them know she did what was best for them. Andy talks about Phaedra changing the locks at her house and asks if she thought Apollo would get violent with her. Phaedra says she knows Apollo has a temper as everyone saw. Andy asks if Apollo ever got physical with her and Phaedra takes a long pause and says she doesn’t want to talk about that here. Phaedra says she never tried to demonize Apollo at all but needed to cleanse her house of any bad spirits and feelings from when Apollo was there.

Next up is Claudia who is the new Housewife and we relive all the nasty things NeNe and Porsha said about her all season. Porsha then joins the reunion. Andy says that Kenya and Porsha almost match and Kenya throws shade telling Porsha she’s glad she copied her look from last years reunion. Andy asks Claudia about her relationship with Porsha and Claudia says she just wants a peaceful working environment. Porsha says that their feud is Claudia’s storyline. Porsha says that Claudia was asking all about her personal life, the cars she drives, and who she dates all around town. Andy brings up that Claudia wasn’t the only Housewife to bring up Porsha dating the married African that NeNe and Kandi also brought up the rumors. Porsha says that she has a problem that Claudia says she was sleeping with a married man. Porsha reveals that was cheated on during her marriage and wouldn’t do it. Claudia says that Porsha should rely on her talents and not rely on a married African man to be successful. Porsha says Claudia’s attacks are slanderous.

Porsha says no one ever let her talk all season about who she was dating. She reveals that dated an athlete all season but won’t reveal who since they aren’t together anymore. Andy asks if Porsha was dating Kroy Biermann and Porsha says her legs are closed to married men. Claudia chimes in and says no they aren’t.

Cynthia then brings up that while Porsha was mad people were saying she was sleeping with a married man she had no problem accusing Peter of cheating. Claudia says it’s only slander when it’s attacking Porsha. Porsha says that she only told Phaedra and didn’t make it a storyline. Phaedra then asks why Cynthia accused Phaedra of cheating and Cynthia says Apollo told her and Peter about it. Porsha then tells Cynthia she should pay attention to the waitresses at Barone. Cynthia says to Phaedra she’s heard cheating rumors on Apollo’s part since they started on the show but never said a word.

Finally, we get to Kenya and her life this season. Kenya reveals she solely financed her whole TV pilot herself. Andy asks NeNe what she thought about Cynthia’s acting and she said it was “okay.” Andy asks Kenya if her mother is alive and if she’s seen her. Kenya reveals that she saw her mom awhile ago and she actually said hi to her which she’s never done before. Porsha says she won’t apologize to Kenya about getting physical with her at last years reunion. Kenya brings up how Porsha’s grandfather was so instrumental in peaceful protests and the fact that his granddaughter won’t apologize for getting violent is crazy. Porsha says that she won’t apologize because Kenya doesn’t mean it when she apologizes to her and continues to talk about her behind her back. Porsha says that Kenya didn’t grow up like she did and didn’t have a mother so she doesn’t know how to behave and sincerely apologize.

Phaedra says that she was there this year at the anniversary of bloody Sunday in Selma. Phaedra says that none of the ladies are using their celebrity in the right way to be role models for young black women. Phaedra says Kenya isn’t a good role model and the ladies fight back and forth on the slutty outfits and bad slutty behavior they all have displayed. Andy asks Phaedra if she should have apologized for calling Kenya a whore after Apollo admitted he lied about everything that happened between them. Phaedra says that she didn’t just call Kenya a whore because of the Apollo incident but because of other whorish behavior she displayed. Phaedra says that Kenya showed whorish behavior and deserved the title especially when she offered to sleep with a married Prime Minister to have a pretty baby.  Kenya says it’s bullshit and that if she was a whore she would be the richest, best whore in the world and would have a museum where people would come and says she was the best whore ever.

End scene.

Which Housewife looked the best at the RHOA reunion? What did you think of NeNe’s attitude during the reunion? Does Kenya deserve the whore title or is it out of line? Do you think Porsha dated a married man? Are you Team NeNe, Phaedra and Porsha or Team Kenya, Cynthia, and Claudia?

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