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RHOA Recap: NeNe Leakes Could Care Less About Mending Friendships!


The episode begins with Cynthia helping her daughter Noel pick out a dress for her homecoming dance. Kenya then comes over to Cynthia’s home and lends some tips to Noel about how to enter a room and such. We later see Cynthia and Peter talk about a charity event that Phaedra has decided to put together. Phaedra ended up inviting them both to the event, and Cynthia feels that it is an olive branch from Phaedra considering they both got into a heated confrontation over the situation regarding Apollo’s alleged texts of Phaedra with Mr. Chocolate.

NeNe is seen living in NYC preparing for her role on broadway. She attends lunch with Greg and her son Brent where Greg discusses keeping a close eye on Brent while he’s in NYC. Greg then says that he needs to manage both Brent and NeNe and NeNe doesn’t appear to like the word “manage.” Yawn.

Kandi’s stylist comes over and helps her pick out an outfit to wear for her date with Todd, whom she hasn’t seen in a while. Todd has been working in L.A. and Kandi had been in the Philippines with the girls, so they go on a date where they briefly discuss the trip. Kandi tells Todd that Phaedra thinks Kandi and Todd took Apollo’s side in the alleged texting situation. Todd feels justified in taking Apollo’s side because he feels that Phaedra attempted to cut off communication between Apollo and their children, which he feels she shouldn’t have done since this is the man “she chose” as her husband and father of her kids. They then discuss having a baby of their own and realize that with Todd’s career in L.A. and Kandi’s in ATL, they don’t see how it could work. Todd suggests to Kandi that she should move out to L.A. to work on music, but she doesn’t want to leave Riley in ATL.

We then see Kenya filming the pilot to her t.v. show Life Twirls on. Cynthia arrives in character and rehearses her lines with Kenya right before shooting the scene. Kenya isn’t impressed with Cynthia’s acting chops, but when Cynthia wraps on her scene, Kenya is ultimately pleased with the performance.

Phaedra’s mens rally to empower minority men and boys to be better men and fathers kicks-off. Phaedra is seen giving an inspiring message to the men and boys who attended her charity event, and we see a panel of men whom she selected to give inspiring speeches as well. Peter then gives an “inspiring” speech much to Phaedra’s dislike, since she states she only selected men who are “successful and consistent.” Shady Phaedra.

NeNe takes a break from broadway rehearsals to fly out to ATL and attend Phaedra’s charity event. While in the kitchen volunteering to serve meals to the guests, NeNe gets into a heated discussion with Claudia who questions why she walked out of the therapy session. NeNe continues to say that it was wrong for everyone to gang up on her and brushes off having a real conversation with Claudia. NeNe walks out on Claudia who tries to stop her but fails.

NeNe tells Phaedra that she is leaving because she is in a positive place in her life and it is not worth it for her to go from “NeNe” to “NayNay.” Translation: Classy to Unclassy. Although NeNe says she wants to move on, she clearly doesn’t since she is opposed to having a real conversation with the ladies to resolve anything.

Tune in next week to watch the season finale of RHOA!

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