RHONY Recap: The B Is Back!



The B is back to shake things up on RHONY!

The B is back to shake things up on RHONY! Tonight’s season premiere of the Real Housewives of New York started off with Bethenny Frankel reemerging at the Essex House hotel where she checks into. Bethenny reveals that she’s the richest homeless person and is living in hotels currently. Her ex-Jason is living in their apartment. Bethenny blabs on about her books, and that she hated being a talk show host.
Then we head over to Kristen’s world where we see her with her family. Her daughter Kingsley is doing great after her physical therapy and it seems like Kristen and Josh have patched things up and are doing much better than last season.

Carole, Heather, and Kristen meet up with LuAnn for drinks where LuAnn talks about selling her Hamptons home and buying a new one. The ladies including Sonja and Ramona will be heading up to her house for the weekend. The ladies then dish on Sonja’s recent bad behavior in the press and LuAnn admits that while she and Sonja aren’t in a good place she is giving her another chance. Heather, on the other hand, says’s she’s not going to take Sonja’s crap and won’t sweep her issues under the rug. We also learn that Carole is on Tinder! From Princess to Tinder girl.

Back in Skinny Girl land, Bethenny is getting ready for an event and talks about balancing motherhood and work. LuAnn shows up and her Bethenny get to chatting. LuAnn does admit that her and Bethenny’s relationship has always been touch and go. LuAnn talks about her split from Jacques and how difficult it was because they did love each other a lot. The ladies then discuss Bethenny’s marriage ending, and LuAnn surprisingly says that it’s hard to see Bethenny fall since a few years ago she had it all. They also discuss Sonja’s craziness and Ramona’s tough year.

They dynamic duo of Ramona and Sonja meet up for lunch. Ramona is visibly not herself and is much quieter than the Ramona we are used to. She opens up to Sonja about her marriage ending, saying that Mario wanted her to hide his cheating and not talk about. Ramona reveals how broken hearted she is and that she’s trying to brave for Avery. Instead of comforting Ramona, Sonja begins talking about her own divorce and how devoted she was when her marriage ended. Basically, Sonja makes it all about her and Ramona get’s a little upset since it’s the first time she’s opening up her marital issues.

Carole is sent to the principle’s office, I mean editor’s office where she is scolded for being lackadaisical about writing her next book. Carole says she needs an extension because she can’t getting to a creative space and doesn’t want to isolate herself. Carole is being given a schedule she must adhere to.

Then the newest Housewife on the block, Dorinda Medley is finally introduced. Ramona heads over to Dorinda’s for a little girl talk and breakfast. The ladies discuss Sonja, and Ramona reveals how disappointed she was when she opened up to Sonja about her marriage since Sonja made it all about her. Ramona reveals that she was spending the whole summer giving Mario another chance because he wanted one. Mario said his cheating was Ramona’s fault for how she treated him. Ramona also says Sonja wasn’t listening to her and was being narcissistic. Ramona then gets’s back to the Mario saga and says that Mario was angry and wasn’t happy in his life which upset their daughter Avery because she and Ramona were his life. Ramona breaks down. Droned comforts Ramona and knows what she’s going through. Dorinda’s first marriage ended in divorce, but her second husband passed away which was very hard to deal with.

We remain in Dorinda’s world but this time we are introduced to her daughter Hannah. The mother-daughter duo talks fashion, purses, and money. Dorinda says she’s trying to teach her daughter about spending money and responsibility. Hannah is currently living with Dorinda post-college and is trying to find herself. Hannah also things that Dorinda may have started dating her now boyfriend too soon after her husbands’ death.

At Sonja Morgan University, her interns were hard at work helping Sonja run her homes and various businesses. Sonja says that the lawsuit for the film that never happened is still hanging over her head but should be settled soon. Sonja also reveals that she feels like she can’t tell the ladies about her financial issues because they just judge her. The struggling Sonja then gets a gold facial where she tells her facials that they ladies don’t believe that she’s working on her lifestyle brand among other things.

Dorinda then visits her boyfriend John at this dry cleaning business, where she drools over a gold dress.

Bethenny then meets with her real estate agent to look for an office space. The Skinny Girl creator wants a nice place for her team and doesn’t want to work out of her car or hotel room. Bethenny then opens up about moving out of her home with her daughter and how it’s so important for them to find a stable place to live. Surprisingly Bethenny breaks down and says that she’d love to have another child and that she’s on the last leg of being able to have one, but she doesn’t have stability or a place to live to do so. Currently Bethenny is hotel hopping since moving out of her home, she has purchased a new place in Soho but it is not done being renovated. Bethenny further breaks down about her marriage failing and wanting a new life. She says she worked her whole life to get where she is and buy the kind of apartment she had and now she doesn’t have her home and her ex is living in it instead. Bethenny also reveals that it’s difficult to face that she was married to someone who she wouldn’t even talk to now if she passed him on the street. It seems that her and Jason’s relationship is so strained and broken that they aren’t talking at all.

What did you think about the RHONY season premiere? Do you think we are seeing a more real RHONY this season? Thoughts on Bethenny’s return?

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