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RHOBH Recap: Kim Richards Continues To Act Delusional On Part Two Of The RHOBH Reunion!

Tuesday aired part two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and things continued to get intense with all the ladies. The reunion started off with Andy asking Eileen why she decided to do the Real Housewives. Eileen says she was ready to do something different and that’s why she joined the cast. We then watch a recap of Brandi Glanville and Eileen’s relationship. Eileen says her first impressions of Brandi were that she was funny and she was initially open-minded about her. Eileen says things turned when Brandi threw wine at her face. Brandi says she wasn’t thinking and she was caught up in the moment when she threw wine at Eileen’s face. Eileen says after what Brandi did she had to have a conversation with her family and Brandi says that Eileen’s affair with her now husband Vince is already online so calls BS on Eileen. Eileen tells Brandi that she talks too much and wants her to shut up. Brandi then says if a housewife should be fired that it should be Eileen because Eileen brings nothing to the table. Eileen fights back by saying Brandi only brings conflict. Brandi says she thought after she apologized to Eileen that they could move on which upset’s Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa V is tired of Brandi thinking she can do whatever the hell she wants and expect things to go away after she apologizes. Brandi then decides to fight back and bring up Lisa V’s friendship with Kyle Richards. She says the two apologized and were all of a sudden friends. Brandi then throws shade and asks whether Lisa V is selling her home because that’s apparently the only reason Kyle wants to be friends with Lisa so Mauricio can have the listing.

Andy later asks Kim Richards whether her opinion on her best friend, Brandi Glanville has changed after her reckless behavior this season. Kim continues to oddly defend Brandi by saying ‘Brandi is Brandi.’ Lisa V and Eileen ask what the hell that means and questions how that is an excuse. Kim says she has always accepted Brandi which Kyle says is untrue. Rewind to Brandi calling Kim a crystal meth addict. Kyle then says Brandi has a problem with everyone including people who aren’t even on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna says Brandi can dish it but can’t take it while Brandi argues if someone dishes it to her she will give it right back to her. Kim still awkwardly tries to defend Brandi Glanville. Andy asks Brandi whether she is jealous of Eileen but Brandi says she is not jealous of anyone.

The reunion then discusses Kim Richards and all the allegations brought on her on whether she is sober or not. Andy asks Kim about poker night and why Kim was acting weird in the car with Lisa Rinna. Kim says she took pain medicine but is acting like it was not a big deal. Kim says at the poker party that Kyle asked to speak to her alone which is far from the truth. Kim says she doesn’t have to explain herself and Lisa Rinna says everything is on film. Kim says to take med pills isn’t’ a slip or relapse but she did it for a reason and taking a pill hasn’t offended anyone. Kim has had enough of Lisa Rinna. She says Lisa R only speaks negatively about her on camera. Kim says she has worked hard to get where she has and Lisa R is destroying everything but Lisa R says Kim’s own behavior has destroyed her reputation which is pretty damn true. Lisa R just wants Kim to own it. Kim says at the poker party she feels like Kyle just wanted her to stay for the cameras while Kim knew she should probably should go home.

After poker night, everyone thought Kim Richards relapsed except Kim of course. Lisa R says she had family members that have died that are in similar situations with Kim. Kim laughs at Lisa R and jokes that Lisa R is an expert now. Kim wants Lisa Rinna to just stop talking about her or discussing her business. It’s probably best Kim gets the hell out of this show since she thinks she is the exception not to be spoken about. Kim then continues to deny anything she has ever said throughout the season. The topic then gets to Lisa R and her husband. Kim Richards is still sticking to acting as if she has this big secret about Lisa Rinna’s husband and it’s just pathetic. Kim says what she said to Lisa Rinna obviously hit a nerve and Lisa says of course it did because that is her husband. Kim sticks to saying she knows stuff about Harry but she won’t reveal what it is. P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C. It’s pretty obvious Kim knows NOTHING about Harry and she looks like a total fool.

Andy then asks Kim whether she feels that she owes Eileen an apology for the hurtful things she called Eileen in Amsterdam. At first Kim says no but then later changes her answer and weirdly apologizes to Eileen. Kim says she was very heated up and angry and Kim says sometimes she doesn’t realize what she says when she is that angry.

Andy points out the comment that Kim Richards made about Kim saying that her other sister Kathy Hilton would not act the way Kyle Richards does towards Kim. Kim says she didn’t think Kyle needed to defend her in Amsterdam but she says she should support her. Kim thinks Kyle has been taking Lisa Rinna’s side over her’s except Kim is doing that with Brandi Glanville? Kyle says she feels like she has been mistreated by Kim and Kim feels the same way. Kyle then brings up how Kim wanted to disinvite her to her daughter’s wedding. Kyle says she has always been there for Kim and Kim’s children and Kim just wants to take Kim’s children away from her too. Kyle gets emotional and it’s so sad because it doesn’t seem like Kim even cares. Next week gets even more crazy in the final installment of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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