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RHOBH Recap: The Season Finale Ends With A Lot Of Unresolved Issues!

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It was a great season filled with drama but all good things come to an end and tonight Bravo aired the season finale of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The episode begins with Kim and Kyle Richards having breakfast with one another at Kyle’s Palm Spring home. Kim spent the night over and Kyle woke up early to make her breakfast. Kim feels like her relationship with Kyle has been a roller coaster and she has to remind Kyle that she can take care of herself. Kyle is glad Kim stayed over.

Lisa Rinna is spending time with her family. Lisa R says she is happiest with her family and still can’t believe that Kim spoke out about her family. Lisa R questions who the f*ck Kim Richards is to say anything about her life. Lisa R would have rather had Kim Richards say something about her as long as she kept her family out of it. Lisa R says in the end of the day all that matters is her family.

Kyle and Kim attend their niece Nicki Hilton’s book launch at Kyle’s store. Yolanda, Lisa V, and Camille Grammer also come along to support. At the book signing, Kim and Kyle are acting like everything is okay while Kyle feels like because of them acting that way-a frustration builds up with the two of them.

Lisa V asks Kyle how Palm Springs was with Kim and Kyle explains it started rough but ended well.

Everyone is getting ready for Adrienne Maloof’s party. Lisa V explains that if Brandi Glanville is at the party, nothing will change the status of their friendship. Kim Richards is getting her make up done and tells her make-up artist that Kyle told her Brandi was talking trash to Lisa Rinna and said she needed an intervention. Kim thinks none of it is making sense and one of them are lying so she is ready to get to the bottom of it at Adrienne’s party.

Brandi approaches Lisa Vanderpump at Adrienne’s party in tears. Brandi explains that she has apologized to Lisa V and that her father is dying and she’s furious that Lisa V hasn’t reached out. Brandi says Lisa V doesn’t give a f*ck while Yolanda has reached out every single day. Brandi keeps mentioning her father is dying and then says that her father is better than Lisa V and Ken. Lisa V feels sorry about Brandi’s father but explains that they don’t have that relationship anymore where it’s Lisa’s concern. Brandi then says she has emailed, apologized, and sent her flowers. At this point, it looks like Brandi is using her father’s illness as an excuse to have Lisa feel sorry for her and ultimately no longer be upset with her. Brandi says the drama with Lisa V is BS and she loves Lisa. Lisa says Brandi can’t just apologize and expect everything to be okay.

Kim finally approaches Lisa Rinna and asks about Brandi’s intervention comment. Kim doesn’t care what Brandi said, she just wants to know what Lisa Rinna said. Lisa R says she thought Kim was no longer going to go there. Kim Richards wants things clarified and then walks away from the table when Lisa Rinna won’t confirm what was said. Kim has had enough of Lisa Rinna who she feels like has made things of nothing. Kim says Lisa R is going to ruin her reputation but I feel like Kim has done that on her own. Kyle is now upset because Lisa Rinna didn’t actually confirm that she told Kyle those things and Kyle looks like a liar. Lisa Rinna doesn’t feel like she needs to confirm anything with Kim because they explained they wouldn’t “go there” anymore. Lisa Rinna finally goes up to Kim and with Kyle and says she will tell her the truth on what Brandi really did say. Kim does not want to speak to Lisa Rinna and is pushing Lisa R to the curb. Kyle doesn’t understand how Kim believes Brandi over her when she hasn’t even asked. Lisa Rinna warns Brandi that she told Kyle about what was said at the lunch they had. Brandi is an emotional wreck and says she stands by everything she said during the lunch.

Kim finally sits with down with Brandi to speak to her about what Lisa Rinna told Kyle. But before Kim starts, she makes sure to point out that Brandi’s nipple is hanging out. Lol. Ok-back to the serious stuff. Brandi says she worries about Kim but didn’t say Kim needed an intervention. Brandi and Kim then talk about how great of a friendship they have. Lisa Rinna chimes in and Kim says Brandi didn’t use the word intervention. Lisa doesn’t deny it but in her interview notes that she thinks Brandi is scared of Kim Richards. Eileen and Kyle are standing aside to make sure everything is going okay when Brandi starts shouting and swearing at Kyle to stop staring and get away which was totally uncalled for. Kim tries to tell Brandi that Kyle is just concerned and Brandi does not care. Brandi says she has 0 time for this BS and leaves. I don’t understand why Brandi continues to be so disrespectful towards Kyle. Eileen and Yolanda check up on Kyle and if she is okay. Kyle said she will be fine. Kim doesn’t know where she and Kyle stand but knows something needs to be fixed-she just doesn’t know how to go about it. The season concludes with a lot of unresolved issues. Next week, part one of the RHOBH reunion airs and things continue to be as intense as ever. Thoughts on the season finale? Let’s Discuss!

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