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RHOA Recap: Phaedra Parks Lunges At Kenya Moore!


This episode begins with Apollo’s Instagram video message that he recorded where he says his goodbyes before entering prison. We then see Phaedra getting ready to leave her hotel suite with her two children after staying with what seems like a few weeks because she says that she was fearful of her safety with Apollo in the house. Phaedra returns home with security after Apollo checks in and talks to her assistant about how sad her son Ayden is. Phaedra says, “I’m just happy it’s over,” and we later see her playing with her children as a preacher visits the home. The Preacher and his wife bless the home to rid of any past negativity and for a hopeful future. Kandi visits Phaedra who shows her the re-done home which includes new furniture and a missing pool table. They discuss Apollo and Phaedra tells Kandi how scary Apollo’s behavior was, and mentions him punching holes in the wall. Kandi, who says she has not spoken to Phaedra in a long time because she has her own issues to deal with, is shocked to hear all of this.

We see Kandi and Todd discuss Kandi Koated Nights as they practice for an upcoming interview that Todd will be doing on Kandi’s show. Kandi uses this opportunity to tell Todd about her dissatisfaction with their current intimate relationship, and feels that Todd is always busy and focuses more on business. Kandi says she feels like Todd’s “homegirl” instead of his wife and suggests going to marriage counseling because she feels like they should be having more sex. At first Todd is unsure about the idea of marriage counseling, and he then proceeds to throw a jab at Kandi saying that she is not “Rihanna,” and that he would like Kandi to be more sexy. Well. Todd then asks Kandi if she would marry him all over again, and she hesitates to answer. She asks him the same question, and he doesn’t answer at all. The two then agree that they should go to marriage counseling.

Moving on to Cynthia, we see her, Claudia, and Kenya enjoying a wine tasting get-together. Cynthia beings to tell the ladies about what Peter had told her regarding “Chocolate” or “Mr. Chocolate,” and how Phaedra is allegedly having an affair with him. Kenya is appalled and becomes very angry because she feels that Phaedra is being a hypocrite because she has called Kenya a whore for many years. The ladies question whether or not Apollo could be lying, and then take into account Phaedra’s dishonesty over the years, concluding that it could all be true.
Kenya then begins to cry. Hysterically. Back at Cynthia’s house, she tells Peter how the wine tasting went and expresses how she feels that Phaedra should apologize to Kenya. Peter also shares that he believes Apollo is telling the truth because he doesn’t think Apollo would lie. Peter also tells Cynthia that Apollo told Todd about Phaedra’s alleged affair, so that Kandi most likely knows everything as well.

Towards the end of the episode, we see the ladies arriving to the dinner that Kandi set up, including Demetria and Porsha. Kandi expresses how she hopes everyone gets along and has a good time. The ladies share what they have been up to lately because Kandi says she hasn’t seen them since Puerto Rico. NeNe talks about how she’s preparing for her broadway debut, while Phaedra says she’s “just been living.” Cynthia then smoothly (not) brings up Apollo’s allegation of Phaedra’s affair that Peter had told her. Phaedra deny’s everything and says Peter is lying about her dating an African prince, and NeNe is annoyed at how awkward Cynthia is in bringing this whole situation up. Kenya who wants to feel justified joins the discussion and begins confronting Phaedra about having the alleged affair, and Phaedra becomes very angry and gets up from the table and almost hits Kenya with her pocketbook. Porsha then rushes to Phaedra’s side to make sure she does not attack Kenya, and Phaedra decides to leave with NeNe and Porsha. Kandi eventually follows them out of the restaurant as well.

Kenya, Claudia, Cynthia, and Demetria stay inside while Claudia says she cannot believe Phaedra almost lunged at Kenya considering that Phaedra is a Christian. They walk out of the restaurant and see that the other group of women are still in the parking lot, and Kenya expresses how they should all be able to have a conversation without getting physically aggressive. NeNe scolds Cynthia by telling her that she should have spoke to Phaedra alone about what Peter had told, her instead of bringing it up in front of everyone. The ladies all begin to argue saying that the other always hits below the belt and say how the word “whore” is constantly being thrown around. They all go their separate ways and leave on what could have been a lovely night.

Word of the night: Whore-pocrisy.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode??

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