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Did Kenya Moore “Borrow” Bullhorn From Apprentice Set To Use On The Infamous RHOA Reunion?!?!

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We all remember that now infamous Real Housewife of Atlanta season 6 reunion when Kenya Moore pulled out a bullhorn out of nowhere. Most fans were shocked, to say the least, when it came to Kenya’s antics and props that fateful reunion day. Many fans wondered where Kenya get a bullhorn from. Turns out Kenya may have “borrowed” that bullhorn from Celebrity Apprentice to use at the reunion.

Speculation is now a buzz that Kenya swiped the bullhorn from Celebrity Apprentice. Kenya had just finished filming Celebrity Apprentice prior to filming the RHOA season 6 reunion. Apparently production assistants were looking high and low for the missing bullhorn and the mystery was apparently solved when they saw Kenya with said bullhorn on the RHOA reunion.“We were all stunned,” the “Apprentice” staffer said of seeing Kenya with the bullhorn.

“During filming, we all noticed one of our famous ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ bullhorns used on challenges was missing,” an insider revealed to TheWrap. “We couldn’t find it anywhere. We even talked about the M.I.A. prop on the series, but the segment didn’t air. It was weird, but we just shrugged and moved on.”

The use of this bullhorn and other props caused things to get physical on the RHOA reunion set and even lead to Andy Cohen banning the use of props all together during future reunion tapings.

A Celebrity Apprentice spokesperson was unable to comment on this rumor. Kenya’s people, on the other hand, claim that this rumor is completely “untrue” and that they spoke to Celebrity Apprentice executives who said Kenya didn’t take anything from the set.

Hmm…I wouldn’t put it past Kenya to swipe to bullhorn from Celebrity Apprentice in order to create drama at the RHOA reunion. I mean who whips out a bullhorn? Plus until Celebrity Apprentice executives release a statement themselves saying Kenya didn’t “borrow” the bullhorn I’m going to believe there’s truth to this rumor.

Do you think Kenya borrowed the bullhorn from Celebrity Apprentice?

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