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Brandi Glanville Still Claims She Was Protecting Kim From Her Sister

Kyle Richards Admits To Being Scared of Brandi Glanville; Thinks Brandi Is Taking Advantage of Kim

Over the past few weeks, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been a little bit of Merry Go Round featuring Brandi Glanville and Kyle and Kim Richards. It seems like Brandi keeps insisting that she’s protecting Kim from Kyle while Kyle think Brandi is trying to ruin her and Kim’s relationship. Well, Brandi is ready to spill even more and wants fans to know the truth behind issues between herself, Kim, and Kyle. Brandi warns fans there’s a lot more going on behind the scenes!

“I have been around the both of them for almost five years now, and more often than not they are not getting along,”  Glanville tells Brandi also mentions that while Kim and Kyle might be sisters by blood, which “will always be thicker than water,” and they might love each other, “they don’t like each other.”

Brandi claims she knows this because she and Kim have become “close friends” and have put the past behind them.“She has spent a lot of time with me off camera, with my children, my friends, and even parents,” Glanville said. “We became a confidant for one another. [sic]”

As for a relationship with Kyle well that never developed on or off camera.“I’ve never had anything close to that relationship with Kyle. [Kyle and I] started on a path of becoming friends, but it was mostly bonding over our issues with Lisa [Vanderpump],” she says. “It was absolutely never my intention to insert myself in between these two sisters and that is when Kim was having to deal with a ridiculous amount of pain and stress and calling me having emotional breakdowns, none of which were sobriety-related.”

Brandi says she’s gone to Kyle numerous times to “express [her] concern and to allow her to step in and be there for her sister.” According to Brandi Kyle, said, “she wanted no part of Kim’s problems.” Brandi claims things would have been different if the cameras were rolling.

“In my opinion had this happened on camera, [Kyle] would have rose [sic] to the occasion, but because it wasn’t and she wouldn’t be credited with saving the day, she opted not to bother,” she said. “After Kyle made it clear to me she had no intention of being there in any way for Kim, I, of course, did make it my problem because I love and care about Kim as a friend.”

Brandi claims her only goal at the poker party was to “get [Kim] out of the situation, so it didn’t play out unfairly on camera, as Kyle so clearly wanted it to.” Brandi says she didn’t want Kim’s issues “to be unfolded in front of the world,” like they were when Kyle called Kim an alcoholic in season 1.

Brandi promises that her relationship with Kim is all about friendship.“The women of this group all sit back and cackle that I might be a bad influence on Kim, but the truth is Kim’s sober,” she said. “I am not [abstaining from alcohol], and don’t pretend to be, but this isn’t about sobriety, it’s about friendship and I’ve only been there for her to protect her and be a shoulder to lean on so she could handle her full plate.”

In my opinion, there’s Brandi’s side, Kyle’s side, Kim’s side and the truth. I don’t think Brandi has ill intentions with her friendship with Kim, but I don’t think she’s the St. Brandi she’s painting herself to be. Brandi doesn’t need to tear down Kyle to make herself look like a good friend to Kim. Kim and Kyle have a ridiculously complicated relationship, full of issues that span decades. I think Brandi should just be a good friend to Kim and stay out of Kim and Kyle’s relationship.

Do you think Kyle is only there for Kim when the cameras are rolling? Do you think Brandi’s claims against Kyle are true? Is Brandi a better friend to Kim than Kyle is?

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