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Jim Marchese Doesn’t Want Teresa Giudice Back on RHONJ Says It Isn’t The Type of Show For Her Any Longer!

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Oops…he did it again! Real Housewives of New Jersey’s househusband Jim Marchese is once again in the press talking about Teresa Giudice and how he doesn’t believe she should return to RHONJ after her prison term ends.

Instead of taking to Twitter to rant about Teresa, Jim chatted with People and in typical Jim behavior he lets fans and Bravo know how he REALLY feels.

“I don’t think they should bring Teresa back,” Marchese says. “I don’t have an issue with her working. She can work all she wants. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for her to be on this type of show any longer.”

Jim continues by saying he’s okay with Bravo doing a post-prison show with Teresa but that it shouldn’t be done on RHONJ. “They can knock themselves out,” says Jim, “but that’s a show to talk about what happened, her problems and how she’s dealing with them. That’s not the same thing as RHONJ. There’s a completely different theme to it.”

RHONJ, Jim says, “is about over-the-top lifestyles and over-the-top drama. At this point, she can’t partake in any of this. I just don’t think this is the type of show for her.”

Plus Jim warns Teresa that if she does return to RHONJ she better be on her best behavior or else she may find herself in trouble with the law again. “If she does come back to the show, she is going to be on probation,” he says. “If there is any type of altercation, she will immediately go to jail. For example – she flips a table? She goes to jail because if she did that in a public place, that would be considered disorderly conduct in my opinion. She will be violating her parole.”

Jim continues by saying Teresa’s dramatic, table-flipping ways will need to come to an end, and better behavior means less drama and unhappy fans. “Her trademark table-flipping will no longer be a viable option,” he says. “Her fan base will be disappointed.”

While Jim was often seen clashing with his fellow RHONJ cast members, it wasn’t for the reasons you’d think. “I clashed with them because I have a difference of opinion on how somebody should live their life,” he says. “You should live within your means and you should be responsible. It’s just not about how much you can spend. You have to actually be able to pay your bills.”

Teresa’s return to RHONJ could also potentially hurt other cast members ability to pay their bills according to Jim.

“When we started the show, Teresa wasn’t even indicted yet. We took the job with the belief that you would be able to grow businesses out of it. Because Teresa and her husband have been convicted, it has been very difficult for Amber to launch businesses because no one wants to be associated with the show,” Jim says.

“Teresa’s criminal conviction and how she is portrayed on the show has made it so that cast members have leprosy at this point because people don’t want to be associated with them. Amber, for example, is starting several businesses, including RevolutionIZ, which provides personal training and 3-D body imaging to help people maximize their workouts. But it’s very difficult to have any major endorsements at this point because of Teresa. Point blank, they tell us, ‘We don’t want to be associated with felons.’ That’s the first thing they think of. I get it. It taints the show.”

Teresa’s lawyer had no comment to make except to say that “With all due respect to Mr. Marchese, cast decisions should be left to the professionals at Bravo and Sirius Media.”

Oh Jim, why do you do this? Why do stick your nose where it doesn’t belong? Believe me, I completely understand Jim’s concerns about people not wanting to work with the other Housewives because companies don’t want to be attached to a felon and how that could prevent them from making money. But Jim should know better than to tell Bravo what they should or shouldn’t be doing concerning RHONJ. Jim and Amber have been on RHONJ for a hot minute while Teresa helped build and make RHONJ the popular franchise that it is. I just think Jim is walking a fine line with Bravo, and I don’t think they appreciate a househusband publicly telling them how to handle Teresa and RHONJ. Last thing, Teresa hasn’t flipped a table since season 1 if I recall correctly and she’s still managed to bring plenty of drama. I’m sure Teresa could bring the drama and not take it to a physical place.

What are your thoughts on Jim’s interview? Do you think he’s overstepping with his opinions? Do you think Teresa should return to RHONJ?

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