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RHOA Recap: Apollo Nida Reveals Phaedra Parks Has Been Cheating On Him And Threatens Her Before He Leaves To Prison!

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On tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore visit Claudia Jordan at her new pad which by the way looks amazing. The ladies are impressed with Claudia’s new place and Claudia opens up about her visit at Porsha’s party. Claudia says she wasn’t going to go but her entire radio show was there and if she didn’t go, it would look like she wasn’t being supportive. As Claudia is talking about her run-in with Porsha-she starts getting emotional. Although Claudia looks tough, she breaks down. Claudia tells the ladies about the conversation she had with Porsha. Claudia thinks Porsha is being very childish and Cynthia thinks Porsha is messing with her spirit. Kenya thinks it’s a shame that strong people can’t support each other.

Todd gets Kandi a gig for a movie and they are headed to LA to do some filming. Kandi realizes Todd is staying extra longer at LA and gets irritated that Todd is trying to stay longer to hang out with his friends instead of come back home with her. Kandi says in her interview she feels Todd sometimes likes being in LA more than he likes being in Atlanta. Todd feels like Kandi just likes to argue and Kandi thinks she is the complete opposite.

It’s the night before Apollo heads to prison to serve his eight year sentence. Apollo calls Peter before he leaves. Apollo tells Peter that he went through Phaedra’s phone and he reveals that Phaedra is having an affair with some guy. Apollo says Phaedra is telling a guy that he is her ‘happily ever after.’ Apollo continues to say that Phaedra is telling a guy that she is going to be free once Apollo leaves. What’s even more shocking, is that Apollo sent all the text messages back to himself and printed it for proof. Apollo tells Peter he confronted Phaedra and Phaedra responded that it was nothing. Apollo says that he did threaten Phaedra saying, ‘people kill people over this. It’s called love crime.’ That’s when Phaedra took her children and left.

After Peter and Apollo get some drinks, Peter goes home and tells Cynthia what Apollo told him. Cynthia can’t believe what she is hearing. She can’t believe that Phaedra who calls everyone else a hoe is acting like one while she’s married.

Kenya Moore is calling Brandon to talk about her pilot that sounds absolutely horrible. Claudia is getting ready for work and explains how difficult it is to wake up early every day. Claudia is all about work and she doesn’t want issues with Porsha since they both work at the same place but she refuses to kiss her ass. Claudia speaks to Ricky who asks about her status with Porsha. Ricky can feel the tension between the two and grabs Porsha because he doesn’t want things to be awkward with Claudia and Porsha. Claudia thinks because they work in the same environment she and Porsha should be cool while Porsha thinks it’s not even necessary since they only work in passing. Porsha wants Claudia to stop creating drama and bringing her boss in it. Ricky then asks the ladies to say a prayer which is still very awkward.

Kandi goes over to Carmon’s after she comes home from LA. Kandi vents that she and Todd may not be able to work with each other. Kandi actually admits that Todd has been getting on her nerves and they don’t even have sex enough. Kandi says she is the one who initiates sex. Kandi says she wants to get pregnant but her and Todd won’t even be able to do that considering the lack of sex they are having. Kandi says she and Todd need counseling.

Apollo should be in prison so Phaedra goes back to her home where she thinks it’s safe now that Apollo has reported to prison. Phaedra is going to change all of her locks and garage door opener because she’s not sure who Apollo’s allowed to have access to the home. As Phaedra is changing the locks and garage code, in walks Apollo shocking everyone especially Phaedra who thought Apollo had reported to prison. Apollo is running all over the house fuming. Apollo is flipping out that Phaedra is changing everything and asks her to come near him. Phaedra says Apollo is acting crazy and calls Apollo’s friend, Bun because she doesn’t want to call the police. Phaedra thinks Apollo is trying to gain sympathy to anyone who will listen revealing that Apollo told their son that he was going to prison because the police were taking him away making Ayden believe someone is going to kill him. Apollo leaves but comes back and ask Phaedra not to call the police. Phaedra is not sure what he’s capable of. Phaedra says she is praying for Apollo and Apollo is just worried that everything won’t be there when he comes back from prison except Phaedra doesn’t even know if she’ll be in the same home when he comes back. Apollo finally leaves and Phaedra seems relieved. The episode ends off intense with Apollo clearly freaking out and Phaedra trying to remain her cool. Until next week’s episode..let’s discuss! Do you believe Phaedra is cheating? Thought’s on Apollo losing his cool?

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