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Did Joe Gorga Rat Teresa And Joe Giudice Out To The Feds?!?!

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Many RHONJ fans have wondered how Teresa Giudice went from an average Jersey girl to a Real Housewife to a convicted felon all in the matter of a few years. Most attribute Teresa’s legal troubles to her overspending and the over-flaunting of her money on RHONJ while others seem to think that someone close to the reality star tipped off the authorities about the Giudice’s money schemes.

Star Magazine is circulating a story that Teresa Giudice’s brother, Joe Gorga, is the one who ratted her and her husband out to the feds. According to the source, Joe Gorga went to the authorities out of pure jealousy and envy after the Giudice’s refused to share the RHONJ spotlight and fame.

“The Gorgas felt like Teresa didn’t give them camera time and ignored them, which she did do,” says the source. “The way she explained it was that the cameras weren’t interested in the Gorgas.”

“Gorga ratted Giudice out on all the things he was doing illegally,” the source reveals. “The Gorgas are the reason the Giudices have gone to prison.”

Supposedly once, Joe Gorga realized Teresa would be heading to prison he immediately had regrets. “He didn’t think Teresa would ever go to prison,” the insider explains. “He wanted to rat Joe Giudice out, but not Teresa. It backfired.”

Now the Real Mr. Housewife has sources calling this story in Star Magazine complete BS and that Teresa is behind the story.

“This is complete BS,” a source close to the Housewives revealed, “Teresa is STILL trying to sabotage her brother from behind bars. It’s honestly very sad. This story is clearly fabricated by her team.”

The source continued, by saying “Teresa is seething with jealousy that the Gorga’s are free while she is behind bars, and her husband will soon be in jail as well.”

Other sources say that Teresa dug her own grave, and it was her business partner that turned her in.

“No one directly turned Teresa in,” the source revealed. “They didn’t fill taxes, flashed money on a national TV show and filed for bankruptcy, while showing a flashy lifestyle on national TV,” the source continued, adding that, “They (essentially) did it to themselves.”

“Another person that (helped) put her away was Joe Masterpole, her business partner. It was definitely NOT Melissa and Joe, though, as much as Teresa may be trying to convince people it was.”

Wow! My head is spinning with all this information. I don’t think Joe Gorga ratted Teresa and Joe Giudice out to the feds. But I do think that the Gorga’s were extremely envious of Teresa being on RHONJ and the fame and money that came with it. I do believe that Gorga’s may have spread negative rumors about the Giudice’s and their finances. I also do blame Teresa and Joe Giudice for flaunting their money and fancy lifestyle on TV while knowing they didn’t obtain the money in a legit way.

Do you think Joe Gorga could have ratted on Teresa? Did Teresa dig her own grave? Was Teresa behind the Star Magazine story?

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