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RHOA Recap: Cynthia Bailey Burns Her Friendship Contract and Kenya Moore Twirls Into More Drama!

RHOA S0712

Another Sunday with the ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. We open with Nene returning to her love Mr. Gregg Leakes. Nene admits to Gregg that being around the other ladies is nothing but “negative energy” for her. This might be wrong, but I loved Nene’s version of events on what happened in Puerto Rico. Was it at all based in reality…nope! Was it funny in her delusional way…yup! We catch up to Cynthia with her sister Malorie and Peter. As per usual, the most interesting thing about Cynthia is Nene…so she promptly begins telling them that Nene is friends with Porsha and Phaedra now. I think Cynthia may want to lay off that topic…lest we look into her miraculous best-friendship with Kenya! Cynthia gleefully informs Peter and Malorie that Claudia read Nene, and we have Bravo to thank for the flashbacks! Peter speaks up that he likes Claudia for not immediately accepting Nene’s apology and standing up to a bully. Malorie finds Cynthia and Nene’s signed friendship contract and they burn it. I’m sure Cynthia feels burning the friendship contract shows some sort of independence from Nene on her part…but it just reminds everyone that Cynthia actually wrote out a friendship contract!

Kandi and Todd visit Married to Medicine star Dr. Jackie for fertility tests. Since Kandi has been off birth control for a year and has been informed she has plenty of eggs, she believes that Todd may be the source of their fertility issues. As they discuss what size container to use for Todd’s sample, I remember I’m not remotely interested in knowing this man in that way. Suffice to say, he’s left alone…to his own devices…to get a sample. Todd does manage to fill up the cup, though! Kandi is told to stay at an ideal weight, and Todd has to wear boxers and limit his alcohol consumption.

Cynthia is having her assistants help her pick out an outfit for the opening of Sports One in Charlotte. She calls Kenya (who is now referring to herself as Twirl) to invite her and Claudia on a road trip to the opening because it’s a sports bar and there should be available men in attendance. Kenya jokingly makes accommodation demands which Cynthia immediately dismisses.

Phaedra is at work, speaking with Derek J about his “hair-burglar” counter-suit. After that’s settled, Phaedra’s mother comes to say hi. Phaedra informs her mother that Apollo has been given a date to report to prison, so she must now figure out how to explain it to her children. In a scene both awesome (because of Ayden and Dylan) and horrible (because of Apollo), we get to see Apollo with Ayden and Dylan getting frozen yogurt. Watching Apollo try to introduce the topic of his upcoming incarceration to bright-eyed Ayden was so sad – that kid is adorable and I feel bad he’s losing time with a father he obviously loves. Phaedra tells her mom about enjoying the trip to Puerto Rico with Kandi, Porsha, and Nene and about how Nene has been giving her insight on being divorced. Phaedra is ready to raise her two boys, but wants strong male figures around to provide male insight. We learn that Ayden is perfect because he loves his dad…and caramel.

Kenya, then Claudia arrive at Cynthia’s home in preparation of going to Charlotte for Sports One’s grand opening. Cynthia packs extra clothes for Claudia, just in case she didn’t bring anything sexy. Claudia was a sweetheart and volunteered to take first shift driving. During the car ride, Cynthia calls Phaedra to ask if she will be able to attend the bar opening. Unfortunately, Phaedra forgot she had a dentist appointment…and has to lift up the Lord at bible study. While Cynthia is answering one of Phaedra’s questions, Kenya hangs up the phone! Was it funny…sure. Was it appropriate…nope! Kenya, these women already don’t like you so those actions just give them additional reasons not to.

Kandi asks Kaela and Riley to help clean out the pantry of junk food so they can eat healthier as a family. Though Kaela is looking forward to new baby, Riley thinks Kandi is too old! Thanks to Kandi, I now know Todd has hundreds of millions of sperm. When discussing how Kaela and Riley get along, we find out Riley is a bit standoffish, BUT she is willing to hang out with Kaela in London or Africa! Todd rightly suggests they try the movies or mall first! The Buress-Tucker family go go-cart racing, and Kandi presents Todd with his dream Corvette as a belated birthday present. I agree with Kandi, Todd should have been more demonstrably enthusiastic – Mama Joyce is definitely going to hold that against him!

Kenya forces everyone to listen to her single, “Gone With the Wind Fabulous” while twirling in the sunroof. Cynthia, Claudia, and Kenya arrive in Charlotte a bit behind schedule, and everyone’s first priority is to get Claudia’s fashion in order. Peter calls Cynthia to find out where they are. He’s disappointed she isn’t there to meet with other investors. Cynthia ditches the other ladies and races over to support Peter because Cynthia really is a very supportive and loving wife. We find out that Kordell Stewart, Porsha’s ex-husband, is Peter’s business partner in the Sports One venture. Claudia admits that she’s known Kordell for 15 years. Kenya suggests that Kordell and Claudia would make a good couple. I just CAN’T with Kenya. Look, I don’t know everyone’s opinion on girl code…but I personally think it was mean for Kenya to suggest that and inappropriate for the table to entertain it. Kordell certainly warmed up to the idea, even though he initially admitted he was already dating someone! While Claudia is interested in being friends with Kordell, Kenya is focused on making her the next Mrs. Stewart.

Next week, Kenya continues to insult Nene, Kandi’s stage show is derailed, and Porsha faces off with Claudia! All in all, not much happened this episode. What did you think of tonight’s episode? Would you be thrilled to receive a Corvette? Should Kenya have suggested Claudia date Kordell? Discuss below!

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