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RHOA Recap: NeNe Leakes Apologizes To Claudia Jordan But She Won’t Let Things Go!

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And so the fight from hell continues on tonight’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Both NeNe Leakes and Claudia Jordan are fighting with one another and neither will back down. NeNe is saying Claudia is a whore while Claudia is throwing major shade at NeNe Leakes’ weight. NeNe keeps bringing up how rich she is while pointing out that Claudia has nothing. Claudia is making fun of NeNe’s appearance. NeNe is making fun of Claudia’s hair. It’s getting pretty damn nasty. All of the other ladies are just watching, or laughing. In Kandi’s interview she says that Claudia is saying all the things that everyone has always wanted to say to NeNe Leakes but never did. It seems like Kandi is thrilled that Claudia didn’t hold back on NeNe. The argument finally ends with Demetria, Cynthia, Kenya, and Claudia leaving. Claudia apologizes to the girls for her behavior and for making herself get to that level. NeNe is speaking about what went down with Phaedra, Kandi, and Porsha. NeNe believes Kenya Moore is the puppet master of the crew. NeNe then changes the subject and tells Phaedra that she did throw shade at Demetria several times. Phaedra acts confused. Phaedra’s a smart lady. She knows that she threw a LOT of shade at Demetria for no reason.

The next day as NeNe is with some of the ladies, she admits that she feels bad for what happened at the dinner. She did not mean for it to go where it did. The ladies are divided and doing their own thing. Demetria is rehearsing. Cynthia is loving her new friends Claudia and Kenya. Cynthia mentions how she is okay not being friends with NeNe saying if being separated from NeNe is wrong than she doesn’t want to be right!

Demetria makes a stop to Phaedra Parks room to speak with her. Demetria apologizes to Phaedra for crossing a boundary when speaking about her situation with Apollo. Phaedra appreciates that Demetria is apologizing and says she wishes that if Demetria thought Phaedra was really throwing shade that she would speak with her one on one. The two end up just hugging things out.

Kandi throws a Kandi Koated party night and everyone seems to be getting along. Shocking. Kandi asks the status of Porsha and her boo AKA her sugar daddy. Porsha says the long distance is getting to her. Kenya throws some shade that Porsha is ‘the other woman.’ The party seems like it broke the ice and everyone was laughing and playing silly games with each other. The next day, the ladies continue to hang out divided but both groups acknowledge that they had a really great night.

The ladies all get on the van to head to Demetria’s performance. NeNe Leakes shocks everyone when she announces an apology. Not only does NeNe apologize for things that were said at the dinner with Claudia, she announces she will be on Broadway and invites everyone of the ladies! Claudia accepts the apology but decides she doesn’t want to let go of the argument and is still upset about with what NeNe said. NeNe says they both said nasty things to each other and NeNe apologizes yet again. Cynthia and Kandi think Claudia should just take the apology considering it’s very rare when NeNe apologizes. Claudia is upset that NeNe shaded her business. Claudia can’t seem to let go and Porsha chimes in asking everyone to just move forward. That’s when Claudia throws shade at Porsha because she’s upset Porsha laughed when NeNe and Claudia were arguing. Claudia accuses Porsha of sleeping with a married man and Kenya gets in on the conversation as well. They both say that Porsha can’t afford all the new things she has like her car and so on. Porsha says everything is in her name and she has a hair line. Claudia throws shade at Porsha’s hair line and says everyone has a hair line totally knocking down Porsha’s business after she made a big deal about NeNe doing that to her. Porsha calls Claudia a hypocrite. And Claudia is a hypocrite. The ladies finally arrive to the performance and try to leave all the drama in the van. Demetria performs and I’m still a bit confused as to why the performance is in Puerto Rico. She sings and all the ladies are dancing to her song being real supportive. Until next week! Thought’s on tonight’s episode? Who’s side are you on? Let’s Discuss!

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