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RHOA Recap: NeNe Leakes Refuses To Get Strapped To Cynthia Bailey While Demetria McKinney Gets Some Shady News About Her BF!


On Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cynthia and Peter are checking out places because the two have decided to partner up. Cynthia and Peter are looking at places that look a mess but Cynthia explains that’s exactly how Bar One looked before it was all fixed up. Cynthia is excited to partner up with Peter because she now feels like she can make decisions with Peter about their business together.

Over at Phaedra’s house, Phaedra needs to make sure everything at home is secure so she wants to get a gate since Apollo is leaving for his “mandatory vacation.” Phaedra wants a gate with an electrical shock but that is not allowed for obvious reasons. As Phaedra is speaking to the men about this new gate, Apollo comes home which shocks Phaedra who says that she is surprised he isn’t running the streets. Oh the shade! In Apollo’s interview he says no one respects him and it’s always been that way in the household with Phaedra. Apollo believes Phaedra should have waited to do this gate thing after he left for prison. I don’t see the difference.

Kenya is getting a facial with her lovable Aunt! Her aunt says that facials are probably a lot better than Botox in which Kenya feels the need to throw major shade at NeNe Leakes. I thought these two were on good terms? Kenya says that people who get Botox are people who look like NeNe. Kenya’s aunt isn’t pleased with the comment but Kenya says she isn’t throwing shade and in fact NeNe has gotten every surgery possible. Kenya’s aunt asks how things are going between NeNe and Kenya. Kenya says they have come to an understanding and are going to start over.

NeNe gets three offers for three huge broadway shows and she is very thrilled with the opportunity. NeNe is totally werrrrking it and continues to expand her career.

Kandi got a new set and new crew for Kandi Koated Nights. She is working with Todd and it seems like things can be a bit challenging. I personally think it isn’t always best to constantly work with your spouse. Kandi reveals that Todd and her tend to only talk about business and it can get pretty annoying. Claudia joins the show as a cast and Kandi gets straight to it asking Claudia whether she gave oral sex to A-lister Jamie Foxx. Kandi has no filter.

Cynthia and Peter are getting a new location from Bar One. Cynthia is excited about the new location because she feels like the new location they choose welcomes the black community and they can take advantage of that so Cynthia is pleased with the change.

The National Bar Association is awarding Phaedra Parks for being the top attorneys in the nation. Phaedra is excited about attending the event but was considering declining the award because of all that is going on with Apollo. Phaedra doesn’t want the Apollo madness to get in the way of things because she knows she is a great lawyer.

Kandi and Todd are putting everything together for the sex and relationship party they have planned for the ladies. Everyone comes in good moods and NeNe shows up last. NeNe is saying her hello to everyone and Kenya approaches NeNe jokingly saying hello friend trying to give her a hug. NeNe isn’t having it and doesn’t give Kenya the time or day. I thought this was complete BS. The two left things off on good terms so NeNe shouldn’t push Kenya away when all she is doing is saying hello! Kenya informs Cynthia what happened and Cynthia thought all was good with everyone. Claudia approaches NeNe. She feels like NeNe was being cold when they first met and NeNe explains that’s just how she is. NeNe then changes her tone with Claudia and says that she is associated with people she doesn’t really like which makes look NeNe look really bad since she just made peace with all the ladies. Claudia says that has nothing to do with her and NeNe is just kind of blowing Claudia off. It’s a bit rude.

Kandi wants to play a game with the ladies and wants to strap Cynthia and NeNe together. NeNe isn’t down for the game because although she and Cynthia have just made up that doesn’t mean they are friends. Clearly NeNe was drunk when the ladies all agreed to move forward because her attitude now is the complete opposite. Kandi is connecting NeNe and Claudia together and NeNe is being rude and killing the vibe with all the ladies. The ladies are then asked to speak about their relationships. Demetria talks about her on-and-off relationship with Roger Bobb for 7-8 years. Kandi’s friend reveals that she dated Roger two November’s ago which shocks the hell out of Demetria. Everyone is completely shocked by this news. Kandi says she was trying to have a good party and doesn’t know why her friend had to bring it up but c’mon, Kandi knew damn well that this was going to happen. Demetria walks out and Cynthia follows to check on her. Demetria tells Cynthia that she thinks Kandi’s friend was lying about her relationship with Roger. Demetria says although she doesn’t know the lady, she knows Roger! Uh, Demetria seems completely clueless. Until net week..thought’s on tonight’s episode? Lets Discuss!

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