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Scheana Marie From Vanderpump Rules Calls Stassi Schroeder A “Cold-hearted Bitch!”


The claws are out!

Stassi Schroeder and Scheana Marie have a love-hate relationship that has been well documented on every season of Vanderpump Rules. On this season of VPR, we’ve seen Stassi and Scheana go at it for various reasons and by the looks of it their once-budding friendship is broken beyond repair. And after what Scheana wrote about Stassi in her Bravo blog this week I don’t think the friendship will ever be revived.

Here’s what Scheana wrote about Stassi:

“I literally almost spit out my drink when I heard Stassi say her and Kristina are “positive people.” Are you kidding me!??? Stassi is the most negative, cold-hearted bitch I have ever met in my entire life. They’re “loyal” to each other because they don’t have anyone else. Kristina does whatever Stassi wants, and Stassi takes full advantage of having a pathetic follower excuse of a friend. For Stassi to say I “didn’t give her a choice” of being one of my bridesmaids is also a joke. When she and I were super close she would tell me all of the time, “You’re getting engaged soon, I can feel it.” “I better be a part of your bridal party” “If I’m not one of your bridesmaids I’ll kill you.” Etc, etc, etc. So yes, I clearly didn’t give her a choice? OK.”

“After that sit down with Stassi, I have nothing left to say to her. I don’t ever want to be her friend again and I can go on living my life, being the happy married woman I am.”

Scheana really let Stassi have it in this blog post. Go Scheana for speaking your mind! But Stassi and Scheana have seesawed between loving and hating each other so much that it’s hard to keep track of when they like each other and when they don’t. I never thought they were true friends anyway; their friendship always seemed like it was out of convenience or necessity and not out of genuinely liking each other. As much as I love Stassi and her bitchy ways, more often than not, she comes across as a little jealous and insecure which is when her ultra-mean comments come out. Scheana and Stassi just need to realize they will never, ever be BFF’s.

What do you think about Scheana’s comments about Stassi? Team Scheana or Stassi? Let’s Discuss!

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