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Did Phaedra Parks and Her Sons Visit Apollo Nida In Prison For Christmas?

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Right before Christmas, Phaedra Parks hinted that she would consider visiting her estranged husband, Apollo Nida, in prison for Christmas but it turns out that visit never happened!

Instead the Real Housewives of Atlanta star chose to have a “quiet” traditional Christmas in Atlanta with her immediate family.

Turns out Phaedra sons, Ayden and Dylan, did speak with their father, Apollo, on the phone Christmas day but never made  a trip to Kentucky to visit.

A source reveals, that for Phaedra, Christmas was “all about her sons” and “logistically” a trip to Kentucky wasn’t best for them.

Phaedra’s rep confirms that the boys talk with Apollo often and that Phaedra is not impeding her sons from having a relationship with their father.

“Phaedra lets the boys talk with their father anytime and every time he calls,” her rep Steve Honig explained to Radar. “Phaedra also has the boys write him letters and draw him pictures, which she sends to him. She goes out of her way to enable the boys to communicate with their father, and anyone who says otherwise is lying.”

It’s awesome that Phaedra let’s her sons talk to their dad on the phone but personally I think she should have taken her sons to visit their Dad for Christmas. While I know that taking her sons to visit Apollo on Christmas day would have been a little much, she could have easily taken them to see him in the days before or after Christmas. Apollo has his faults and he made his bed but it’s important for his kids to him and vice versa in my opinion.

Do you think Phaedra made the right choice to skip visiting Apollo in prison for Christmas?

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