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RHOA Recap: Phaedra Parks Worries About Telling Her Boys Their Father Is in Prison; Apollo Nida Confronts Her At A Party!


You know it’s going to be a crazy episode when we open up with the “Old Lady Gang” at Kandi’s Aunt Nora’s cookout. We learn that Mama Joyce is giving Kandi the cold shoulder since Kandi didn’t like the “renovations” Mama’ Joyce’s boyfriend Benny did. I have no clue how this woman can even try to turn that around…didn’t Kandi just buy her another house?!? Frankly, I’m shocked that Kandi is as down-to-earth and kind as she is with Mama Joyce was her influence. Pay attention, Mama Joyce saying that Kandi doesn’t appreciate what others do for her is a master class in self-delusion. I don’t like to speak ill of anyone’s parent, but Mama Joyce has stopped interacting with reality. We all know you are not returning that new house Mama Joyce!

Next we see Cynthia wearing a hat from the “Please Notice Me” collection at the Bailey Agency. I guess we’re finally meeting Demetria McKinney, friend-of-the-housewives extraordinaire! Demetria is meeting Cynthia to have the Baily agency provide models for her next music video. Since Cynthia is being productive and making money Peter randomly shows up…at this point I think he has a sensor for that. While they all chat, Demetria drops the bombshell that she has been dating House of Payne executive VP Roger Bobb for 8 years. Peter and Cynthia have known Roger Bobb for years and were completely unaware that he had a girlfriend. Welp…that’s awkward for Demetria. Demetria takes a moment to invite Cynthia and Peter to her release party…which she may just turn into a relationship coming out party! FYI…Roger Bobb will forever be referred to as Roger Bobb in my heart!

Kandi’s aunt Nora asks Kandi to go into the house to talk to her mother. Mama Joyce pretends to not know that she’s ignoring Kandi. When Kandi reads the mean texts Mama Joyce sent to her, Mama Joyce decides to switch manipulation tactics and inform Kandi she’s taking medicine to prevent “ an amerism” (I think that’s a Atlanta-based aneurism). Todd correctly surmises that Mama Joyce is only sickly when she’s clearly in the wrong…when she’s calling out others for real and imagined slights she’s strong (and stubborn) as an ox!

Kenya is having a photo shoot…Cynthia is there to encourage her and give pointers. Cynthia has literally gone from throwing celebratory parties for Nene, to being a cheerleader for Kenya. Claudia shows up to the photo shoot as well. The ladies discuss Kenya and Claudia going out on dates. Claudia invites the ladies to an event for Roger Bobb, who conveniently lives in her building. Kenya suggests that Claudia consider dating Roger Bobb, but Cynthia appropriately interrupts to let the ladies know that Roger Bobb is dating Demetria. Kenya counters that in the 5 years she’s known Roger Bobb, he’s dated several of her friends (why are her friends all dating the same guy?) and is a hit with ladies in general. Cynthia tells them about her meeting with Demetria and about Demetria being a peeved that Kenya didn’t refute the rumors that she was dating Roger Bobb. Kenya admits that blogs regularly assume she’s dating several men. Sadly, Kenya uses this opportunity to throw an unnecessary insult at Nene. Last I checked, Nene wasn’t the one that drug Kenya across the reunion stage. Since Nene is barely filming with any of the housewives, Kenya should just leave Nene (and her edges) alone.

Proving that success is the best revenge, we catch up with Nene at HSN preparing to launch her Nene Leakes Collection from 12AM – 2AM. Nene wants to her collection to be wearable for ladies size 2 – 24. Nene is basically just using RHOA as a weekly infomercial for her various business ventures at this point. Nene then makes a poorly thought out comment about not doing anything without having a gay person on her team…right sentiment, all wrong in the delivery. It just sounds condescending. Nene also chose to wear a weird blonde wig/pink lipstick combination for her confessional…luckily she’s a rich b*tch so my opinions won’t affect her in the least.

Phaedra visits Kandi as she tries to prepare a healthy meal so she can get pregnant. I love that these two ladies actively support and praise each other. Kandi broaches the subject of Phaedra and Apollo’s relationship. Phaedra admits that being at home with Apollo has been moody and a strain. Kandi, in an attempt to relate, confides to Phaedra that she too has family in prison. Phaedra admits that if she wants to talk about Apollo, she would just go home and talk to Apollo, but he’s rarely at home. Kandi’s cousin Melvin (whose father is currently incarcerated) advises Phaedra tell her 4 year old son Aiden that his father Apollo is going to prison. Phaedra is hesitant to introduce this entire topic and situation to her children because she doesn’t want them thinking crime is normal and acceptable. She doesn’t want her sons repeating the cycle of incarceration that Apollo started. Kandi is extremely emotional discussing how disappointed she was when her cousin Melvin made mistakes similar to his father and was also arrested. Phaedra promises to consider honestly telling her sons that Apollo is going to prison, but is still extremely hesitant to do so.

We return to Nene at HSN trying to stay up and energetic for her midnight launch of the Nene Leakes Collection. Nene admits that she’s all about her checks so she wants people to enjoy and buy the collection! Nene may be exhausted, but you really can’t tell by her performance. Even if you don’t like her personally, you have to admit that when it’s time to work, Nene really does give her all. At some point, Nene changes clothes but is really getting sluggish. Nene is thrilled to find out that her cold-shoulder tunic sold out…and that wakes her right on up!

Kenya has a meeting with Roger Bobb to discuss moving forward in her professional career. Kenya is laughing quite a bit at Roger Bobb’s lukewarm jokes, but it’s a business meeting so chuckle as much as it takes to get that job, Kenya! Roger Bobb pitches a show that suits Kenya to a T! For whatever reason, Kenya changes to topic from her own career development, to asking Roger Bobb if he is dating Demetria. Roger Bobb took the scenic route before finally confessing that Demetria is, in fact, his girlfriend. Kenya is giving Roger Bobb credit for “claiming” a woman…I can’t with that entire statement. In addition, Kenya takes a moment to imply that the relationship won’t last, but since she’s just finding out about their relationship and we’ve never actually seen a man willingly admit to dating Kenya (Walter claims to have been paid and her African prince never materialized), I’m not sure Kenya’s in any position to judge anyone else’s relationship.

At Demetria’s video release party, we get to see Derek J take pictures with Demetria’s side-boob! Peter and Cynthia arrive first. Peter tires of Demetria and Cynthia talking fashion so he runs to the bar. Since Kandi is such an outstanding member of the elite Atlanta music scene, she brings Phaedra to the event. Claudia is next to arrive and graciously introduces herself to everyone. Demetria discloses that Roger Bobb will not in attendance even though he’s her boyfriend and manager! Claudia asks Demetria if she wants to marry Roger Bobb, and she hilariously admits that he could propose with a Cheerio and she would say yes! These new RHOA ladies may not be actual housewives, but they are funny! Claudia takes the moment too far by suggesting that Demetria trap Roger Bobb with an unplanned pregnancy…just typing that felt icky! Porsha makes her first appearance of the night, before Kenya arrives to make both Porsha and Phaedra noticeably uncomfortable. Then Demetria, who stepped out to get her video to play at her video release party, returns to VIP and reminds Kenya that they met 10 years previously. Confessional Kenya boldly announces that she doesn’t remember having ever met Demetria and that Demetria isn’t memorable – way to make friends Kenya! Demetria immediately confronts Kenya about taking a picture with Roger Bobb…which is a bit crazy. Lo and behold, Kenya calmly diffuses the situation – good job Kenya!

All seems well…then Apollo swoops in. Everyone looks either stunned or speechless when Apollo walks over. Brandon proves that he’s forgiven Apollo for assaulting him last season by hugging Apollo when he joins the ladies in VIP. Phaedra unsuccessfully tried to avoid kissing Apollo before he takes a seat on the opposite couch. I don’t know why Cynthia takes an unnecessary dig at Phaedra for not being happy to see Apollo…the only person who should be happy to see Apollo is the warden at his new penitentiary. Demetria’s video premiere is delayed…because the video isn’t working…let’s hope that’s not foreshadowing of her singing skills! Phaedra aggressively ignores Apollo calling her name, so he goes and forces Phaedra to come sit beside him, which she does with blatant reluctance. Kandi accurately surmises that if Phaedra and Apollo can’t communicate at home, they certainly won’t be able to communicate in the middle of a crowded nightclub! Since she still isn’t talking to him, Apollo informs Phaedra that he will “switch [his] mode real quick”…look I don’t know exactly what that Apollo-ism means, but it definitely came across as threatening! Who does that to their wife ON CAMERA…or ever?!?

Why does Apollo think this event is the appropriate place to ask his wife to work on their marriage? It’s painful watching Phaedra shut down emotionally. Phaedra rightly reminds Apollo that he should come home to discuss their marriage, instead of making a scene at a party. Sadly, this conversation shows just how difficult their marriage has gotten. It appears that Apollo only visits their home to change clothes before going to nightclubs. Then, because this conversation isn’t cringe-worthy enough, Apollo forces a hug on Phaedra. In response, Phaedra has the exact reaction anyone being touched by Apollo should have: revulsion and hostility. Phaedra keeps quiet as Apollo manipulatively reminds her that he loves her. Phaedra knows that love is a verb…not a noun! By the time Demetria’s video appears, with no sound, the night is winding down. Fix it, Jesus!

Next week Phaedra complains that Apollo is not spending time with their kids and Nene invites Cynthia and Kenya for drinks! CAN. NOT. WAIT!!! What did you think of tonight’s episode? Could that Phaedra and Apollo scene have been any more uncomfortable? Discuss below!

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