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AllAboutTRH’s Exclusive Interview With Kathy Wakile: Talks Season Seven And Her Issues With AllAboutTRH


AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to meet and speak with Kathy Wakile of RHONJ during a signing for her new dessert book Indulge! Kathy and AllAboutTRH have quite the history but when we received an invite to her signing, we decided to check it out for ourselves. Kathy isn’t always happy with the site and the things that are written and commented about her and her husband, Rich Wakile. While we tried to find out some information from Kathy about what’s going on in Jersey, the interview was short and sweet. Kathy was very kind and really gracious considering her feelings about the site.

Rich Wakile who was also at the event did not want to speak with AllAboutTRH and got up when Kathy sat down for the interview. Rich seemed not to like AllAboutTRH at all. Again, although both Kathy and Rich do not like AllAboutTRH but they were very nice and respectful to us during the interview.


Kathy started the interview by explaining why her and Rich have such strong feelings against AllAboutTRH.

Kathy Wakile: Roxanne and commenters (AllAboutTRH) are very unbelievable and racist. And I think they are pretty vile a lot of her comments and I think as a blogger you have to have a certain level of responsibility to allow this type of practice to go on. She can like me or not like me that’s her prerogative, that’s the same with you. It’s very nice that you came today I really appreciate it but I don’t expect to be on TV and not to get criticism from whomever but the things that have been said about me, my family, my children…calling my husband some really vile, terrible things. Especially that she allowed this practice to continue being that she’s from the same part of the world that my husband is from. And a lot of the comments were very bad. I’m just explaining where our feelings come from. She has a right and these people have a right to feel the way they feel but when that hate is continued on and on and on its really hazardous to other people. So having said that I want to give you the respect for being here because it’s really nice so if you have some questions I’d love to answer them. I hope she’s a good judge and is respectful of our time together.

AllAboutTRH: How have you been doing since RHONJ wrapped?
Kathy Wakile:
Great, really good I’ve just been spending time with my family. Doing things that I love to do and well, very well.

How’s the house building going?
It’s going good. It’s getting there. You know it’s a big project so it’s taking some time but we’re having fun.

Are you planning on returning for season seven of RHONJ?
You know we will have to see what happens. You know we don’t know what the future holds so we will see what happens.

Have you heard anything about when RHONJ season seven will begin filming?
There are a lot of rumors and I try not to pay attention to that because you know until I speak to anybody and get actual physical proof then I’ll see what happens.

Do you think Bravo would actually hold season seven until 2016 (when Teresa Giudice gets out of prison)?
I really don’t know.

Have you talked to Teresa Giudice?
You know I’m going to have to decline that question because today’s not about Teresa

 Are you and Melissa Gorga still close?
Yeah I see her. Yeah sure.

Have you read Andy Cohen’s new book, ‘The Andy Cohen Diaries?
I haven’t yet. I haven’t yet, you know I have to pick it up. I’ve been so busy with other stuff.

Any chance you read any of Andy’s comments about you (and Rich) and your demotion from full-time Housewife?
No I haven’t.


Andy explained in his book that Rich and Kathy gave him a hard time for not letting Kathy be on the opening of season six and her demotion. Get a copy of Kathy’s book, Indulge here. Thought’s on what Kathy had to say? Do you want to see her back on season seven?

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