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AllAboutTRH’s Exclusive Interview With Amber Marchese: Amber Talks Season Seven, Calls Out Dina Manzo, And Talks Friendship With Jacqueline Laurita!


AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to sit down and speak to RHONJ star Amber Marchese over the weekend at a signing for Kathy Wakile’s new dessert book Indulge!  Amber was  sweet and talked about life post season 6, what she knows about season seven of RHONJ, and where her and Dina Manzo stand, plus more!

AllAboutTRH: How have you been doing since RHONJ wrapped? 
Amber Marchese: Blissfully. No it is my life goes back to normal and there’s no drama. Normally there’s no drama in my life and I’m a very focused Mom and a very focused wife that’s where I’m my happiest. I’m a homebody. I love being home with my children and honestly that’s my favorite job in the world.

How was your first experience at the RHONJ reunion? 
The reunion I liked. I did. I liked it I felt like it was this purging process – say what I need to say and yell at people I needed to yell at, get nasty with people and sometimes get an understanding of people so I liked the whole reunion.

Do you feel like you and have other housewives (of New Jersey) can now just put all of that drama in the past and move on with a fresh start?
100%. Absolutely, I don’t even…You know it’s funny because I know Bobby still has this thing where he has to get the last word. I’m usually the type to always want the last word but I’m getting to that point in my life where I’m like  you know what I don’t need to. I know what happened, I know the truth. I’m going to move on.  Pick my battles you know.

Do you regret joining RHONJ? 
No. My life was good before but now it’s just an amazing ride. It’s more than I ever thought. It’s cool, it’s exciting.

Is there anything you regret from season six of RHONJ?
 I regret crying a lot, I will not be crying if I go back this season I will not be crying. I know why people do a lot of Botox in the face so they show no expressions in their face. I was telling my husband you can see too much lines the expression got to go.

Are you planning on returning for season seven of RHONJ?
If they ask me and if the price is right you know, yeah for sure.

Have you heard anything about when RHONJ season seven will begin filming? 
Lots of Rumors but no nothing. Honestly I’m not the type that pushes for answers it will happen when it’s actually supposed to happen organically. I trust that the producers and Bravo know when to do it and they know the right time. I trust them.

Do you think Bravo would actually hold season seven until 2016 (when Teresa Giudice gets out of prison)? 
I don’t know I really don’t. I question it because some of sources seem to be pretty confident when they do say that so that makes me take pause and think maybe they are going to do that. I think it would be very silly. I think they have an excellent cast as is and you know we can carry on. I mean I don’t think she (Teresa Giudice) is going to do the full 15-months. She’ll be back season 8 very easily so I think it would really silly if they were to do that. They’d lose a lot of fans. They should really focus on getting to know the new girls and everyone has an amazing story and I think they need to focus on the dynamics of the girls – less fighting. You saw the lost footage…you saw we were getting along and they cut out all of that and they went right to the drama and there was so many things that happened before that. New Jersey’s about fun, were about strong personalities, were about family and the Italian way and were just so different and it’s unique and everyone brings something to the table.

Obviously, you’re here to support Kathy Wakile, but have you kept in contact with any of the other Housewives? 
I do talk to the Twins (Nicole and TerEsa) once in a while, mainly TerEsa if you can believe it. You know I think everyone just feels the same way and everyone is just really done with what happened in the first season. I talk to Melissa every once in a while when I see her at certain events and Jacqueline I actually talk to her often even though she wasn’t on the show this season but I’ve gotten really close to her. She’s a special lady, she really is.

Have you talked to Teresa Giudice?
 You know just via text. I just reach out to her and see if she’s okay and let her know I’m sending some love and blessing to her. And honestly she’s doing what I would be doing which is shutting the world out and focusing on my family and that’s exactly what I would be doing. I wouldn’t be doing public appearances and I wouldn’t care to see anybody.

Do you think you and Dina Manzo will ever mend fences? 
 I don’t talk to her at all. I don’t talk to her not one bit. I don’t like how she spoke to my husband. I don’t like how she treated him for no reason whatsoever, she attacked him first for no reason. She made fun of him, she made comments about his sexual orientation like anything which wasn’t even true. She met him like once so I don’t like…I think she was looking to create drama but she didn’t want to do it with the girls so she attacked my husband. He was an easy target. Unfortunately for her that was the wrong person to attack because my husband is relentless and he will take you down. I never had any beef with Dina. Personality wise I don’t think she’s very similar to me, we are very very different. I’m not saying anyone’s worse or better but we’re very different people. I want everyone to get along and be happy. I’ll fight when I need to fight but I want everyone to be happy.

amBER 5

Amber was really open and honest about her experiences on RHONJ and she seemed super down to earth. Hopefully we will find of the status of RHONJ soon and we hope to see Amber back for season seven. Thoughts on the interview?  Do you think that Amber is right and that the cast can hold their own without Teresa G? Are you surprised that Amber and Jacqueline have become friends? What do you think about Amber’s take on the Jim – Dina fiasco?

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