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Apollo Nida Starts His Own Business From Prison!


Even though Apollo Nida is locked away in prison for the next 8 years it doesn’t mean it’s going to stop him from trying to make some cash according to Perez Hilton.

The soon to be ex-husband of RHOA star Phaedra Parks is using his time in jail to start a new business called Nida Fitness 4%. Turns out an hour a day comes out to 4% so Apollo can get you fit by only using 4% of your day and he can do it from the comfort of his prison cell!

The fitness idea consists of a waterproof USB wrist band that holds the workouts on there. The band also has the words “It’s Only 4%” printed on it for motivation.

The shocking part is that Apollo is hocking this business from behind bars and is even making videos! Oh, I’m sorry I thought he was in prison not club med?

Here is a clip of one of his video’s:

In all honesty good for Apollo, I guess as a famous felon you have to try and make money when and where you can. I just find it hilarious that this guys in prison for committing tons of fraud and some how he has access to a super nice gym that he can use to make money and start a business. Only in America. Hopefully, Apollo can make some dough and put it away for 8 years down the line so he has something to help fund his post-prison life.

What do you think about Apollo starting a business from prison? Do you think Nida Fitness 4% will be successful? Let’s Discuss!

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