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Bobby Ciasulli FINALLY Releases Truth Video; Clears Up ALL The Rumors And Talks Jim And Amber’s Betrayal

And so the anticipated video is finally here! Real Housewives of New Jersey star Bobby Ciasulli has been teasing us now for a few weeks about a truth video he is working on and it has finally been released! In the following video, Bobby opens up behind the story of his relationship with Jim and Amber Marchese and the betrayal brought upon him. Bobby also sets the record straight regarding all of the false accusations against him! Watch the hour long video below

To recap the interview. Bobby explains it has been a rough ride being on the Real Housewives. Bobby says he wanted to do the truth video not to bash Jim and Amber but to clear up things that were rumored about him. Bobby says he got on the Real Housewives because of Amber who reached out to him. Bobby says they wanted to release a package to Bravo when he realized something was missing. He then reached out to the twins who he sees in town a lot. Bobby told the twins they had an opportunity to be on a reality show and he asked the twins to come to his house to meet Jim and Amber. Jim brought a disclosure form so they couldn’t discuss the project. Jim then submitted everyone’s information and everyone got interviews and contracts were in the mail. Bobby adds that Jim contradicts himself a lot. Which is something we already know. Bobby admits he communicated with the twins for the show but he did end up falling for Nicole. Bobby says that if the show didn’t work out he wouldn’t have cared because he got to know Nicole out of it. Bobby reveals he and Nicole are still together to this day. Bobby denies there were multiple girls that he has slept with like Jim claims. Bobby opens up about the Florida trip and staying in the bathroom. Bobby says if you watch the scene again that Jim running his mouth didn’t start till he went upstairs so he had no idea Jim was running his mouth calling him a cheater. Bobby says he was gone at this point and when it was told to him that he was talking about the twins family and that he was a cheater, he went downstairs to get to the bottom of it. So what does Bobby have to say to those people who say he was hiding? He says it’s just ridiculous and he had no idea it was all being said. Bobby says Jim can’t keep up with all the lies he made. Bobby defends himself throughout the video and I don’t blame him. Jim was Bobby’s friend for over ten years and has constantly thrown out accusations about Bobby even regarding his job! Can you imagine your friend of ten years doing that to you? Bobby talks about Jim stalking his Facebook page and Bobby being at book signings. Bobby says he has only been at one book signing and the rest of them weren’t actually signings. Bobby was honest on how he and the twins got on the show and I respect that. A lot of people would be hush hush about it. I expected Bobby to throw a lot of shade at Amber and Jim but he didn’t. Classy move on his end. Thoughts on Bobby’s truth video? Are you team Bobby or team Jim?

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