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Brandi Glanville Is Confused As To Why Lisa Vanderpump Moved Forward With Everyone But Her; Calls Her Cold And Childish!

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiered Tuesday and Brandi Glanville is glad it’s back! Brandi took to her blog to talk about Tuesday’s episode and of course, Lisa Vanderpump. Brandi speaks out about Lisa’s interesting comments and thinks Lisa may be in a bit of denial. Brandi also talks the white party where she thinks Lisa was very cold and childish towards her. See what else she had to say about Lisa below

“Hi everyone! It is finally here: the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It seems like it’s been forever, but I’m glad we are back. As you know with these blogs, we write them as to how we felt at the time of the episode and not how we feel now. So Im going to try to write this without being influenced by my feelings today (but I can’t make any promises). I went to see Yolanda for a visit at her place after spending a couple months in NYC doing Celebrity Apprentice and really having been unable to keep in touch with anyone. I arrived home from NYC to our house lease that was up and only one day to move my entire family out of our house, having not yet found a new place to live. It was a very stressful time, but I knew I could handle it, and I did.. Welcome to three months of the boys and I being gypsies. It was so nice to see Yo as always and to reconnect. Yolanda looked great, her kids were doing amazing, and our girl time was fun.

At this time I actually didn’t know Lisa Rinna, but watching her with her beautiful family in this episode she seems like a very cool person with a happy outlook and a big personality. More to come on her in the later episodes.

We see Kyle planning her annual White Party, which she claims has become the event of the year in Beverly Hills with everyone trying to get on the guest list. I’m sorry, but its not the Vanity Fair Oscar Party if you have invited your chiropractor. I think she is feeling a little too self important.

In Lisa’s interview she says she has done nothing wrong within this entire group of ladies and that she is going to wait for each one of us to reach out to her. This comment is interesting to me, because I feel like she may be in a bit of denial about her parts in our arguments and some of the hurt she has caused throughout our disagreements. Yolanda and Lisa have lunch and very easily move forward. We then see Kyle and Lisa at lunch putting all past issues behind them incredibly easily considering the things that these two have said about one another. I keep remembering back to Lisa saying Mauricio is only friends with people if they are selling their house, tabloid gate between the two of them, making inappropriate jokes about cheating in front of a 5-year-old, and the list goes on forever. Lisa tells Kyle she want to move forward and put the past behind them, not bring it up ever again, and be loyal forever…and so it is. I’m hoping when I see Lisa at the White Party it will be just as simple and easy for the two of us to move forward. Getting ready for the White Party I’m overly anxious because of my unresolved issues with not just Lisa Vanderpump, but also Adrienne Maloof, whom I was told would be attending as well. I had such a life-changing, positive summer that I made a deal with myself to find resolution with people and stay in as much of a positive head space as possible.

I was a little bit late arriving to the White Party, partly because of my anxiety and partly because of the 20 lbs of fake hair I had in my head. When I arrive, I immediately see Adrienne and the knots in my stomach start. I then see the group of ladies on the dance floor and realize this may be harder than I think. I was sensing a kind of mean girl vibe coming from some of them over that way that was familiar to me. Yolanda and my best friend Mark encouraged me to go say hello to everyone. So I went. Once I finally made my way over to the group to say hello, I realized after Lisa’s cold and childish reception towards me that things were not going to be so easily fixed between the two of us. I decide to try my luck with Adrienne who was much more receptive and kind considering our tumultuous past. I was nervous to speak to her, but after our talk and her agreeance to meet up for coffee, I was relieved. Adrienne looked great, had a hot young man on her arm, and seemed to be in a happy place, so good for her! Lisa and Ken leave the party without saying goodbye to me, and I’m guessing without having a yummy Fatburger, seemingly having made up with everyone but me.

Watching Lisa’s interview bites and seeing her easily make up with everyone made me wonder if she even remembers her part in our issues. Lisa says she was a “good f***ing friend” to me and that I’ve burned that bridge. I have a lot of great f***ing friends, and not one of them has ever forced me to be around one of my ex-husbands’ mistresses, even after I asked her kindly to please stop. The bridge may be burned, but she forgot she was holding the match.”

Looks like things are just getting started with Lisa and Brandi. Brandi did make some valid points. Are you team Brandi or team Lisa on this?

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