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RHONJ Reunion Recap: Teresa Says Goodbye To The Real Housewives!

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And so it comes to an end. The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired the final installment of season six’s reunion and the drama focused on house husband, Jim Marchese. Everyone seems to have an issue with Jim because he can’t shut his mouth. Jim has bashed the Giudices’ and Gorga’s and has had a pretty strong opinion about Joe Giudice and his sentencing. Regardless of what Jim thinks of Juicy, Juicy says he doesn’t care or let anything get to him. Jim doesn’t understand how Joe Gorga could be upset with him about talking about the Giudices’ legal case when Joe Gorga and Juicy have gotten physical. Melissa says their family is very protective of each other and while they can talk about each other, they don’t appreciate when other people do it.

Jim says he regrets what he said about both Joe’s because he would actually want to hang out with them. Joe Giudice isn’t mad at anyone for having an opinion. Juicy says everyone is obligated to their own opinion and they don’t have to hang out with him if they don’t want to.

Andy asks Jim about his excessive twitter use and Melissa pushes on this. She doesn’t understand why Jim has spent all of the season on twitter. Jim says twitter is a fun place for him to “have a blast.” No one understands how anyone will be able to take Jim seriously career wise but Jim says no one acknowledges social media.

The talk between Bobby and Jim’s friendship occurs. And Bobby doesn’t get why Jim would be upset that Bobby told the guys at bowling about Jim not wanting to hang out with them. In fact, Bobby reveals Jim and Amber were happy they brought up Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice on camera and accuses them of trying to make great TV by trashing them. Jim and Amber deny this

We then discuss the rumor that was made by Victoria Gotti to Teresa Giudice and Amber Marchese. Jim says he doesn’t regret bringing up the rumor because it was a stupid rumor so he treated it like the stupid rumor that it was. TerEsa can’t believe anyone would believe this rumor because her mother isn’t like that. Andy reads a quote from Victoria Gotti basically saying she has nothing to be afraid of and wouldn’t lie about this. Rino says there is absolutely no truth to him saying he slept with TerEsa’s mother. I just don’t understand why Victoria Gotti would lie or make up something SO random like this. Again, I think there is a possibility Rino did say something but it was a joke or he was drunk. There’s no way in hell I believe the rumor but I do believe there is a chance Rino may have said something. TerEsa Aprea blames Teresa Giudice for the rumor. TerEsa says Teresa Giudice was supposed to be her friend and what she did was not what a friend does. Teresa Giudice reveals she reached out multiple times to TerEsa because “friends” communicate. TerEsa says there is no chance she would try and speak to Teresa after hearing Teresa’s involvement. But I thought you guys were “real” friends, TerEsa? Wouldn’t you want to acknowledge and over communicate to see why and what happened and hear your “real” friends side of the story? TerEsa says she could have said so many things about the Giudices’ but she didn’t and Rino mentions he was the reason TerEsa never did that. Except TerEsa DID do that. Clink clink.

Jim then attacks Bobby again calling him a b*tch with his temper tantrum. I can’t imagine how Jim acts behind closed doors towards Amber since he lashes out on everyone. Jim thinks Bobby is a b*tch for going to the bathroom when the fight happened at Florida while he thinks Rino is hiding from him. Rino explains he didn’t want to film with Jim any longer because he wants to avoid drama like a REAL man. As Bobby explains why he hid himself in the bathroom, Jim is childishly laughing in the corner. Jim says he may be rude but he isn’t rude to his wife. I find that hard to believe. Jim then tries to make the twins against Dina saying Dina believed the rumor but he just seems bitter that Dina kicked him out of Florida. Amber says she is most upset about what went down with Bobby because they were real friends. Teresa Giudice says it’s relatable and reminds her of her friendship with Jacqueline because they were also friends for 10 years and then got into it resulting them to be hurt with one another and no longer friends.

It’s TerEsa VS Teresa Giudice. TerEsa can’t stop blaming Teresa Giudice for what Victoria Gotti said. In fact in her interview, TerEsa says empires fall but Teresa Giudice fights back saying that they may fall but they get right back up. TerEsa says Teresa Giudice deserves to get hurt by the things she said since she hurt TerEsa. TerEsa reminds me of a 13 year old. If you don’t like being hurt, why would you do something to someone when you don’t like it? TerEsa says that Teresa Giudice deliberately tried to hurt them because she needed a storyline and that’s why she brought Victoria Gotti along. So that she can take the heat off of her case. GEEZ. I just want to shake TerEsa and call her insane. RHONJ should be called the Teresa show! Teresa will ALWAYS have a story line and will always be most focused on her. Teresa says if it’s a rumor TerEsa should just laugh it off like Melissa Gorga laughed off the stripper rumor. Melissa says that’s not true and and when Teresa asks Melissa whether she laughed it off, Melissa says she was actually pissed and if it was about her mother she would be really upset too. Nice to see Melissa have Teresa’s back when Teresa leans on her. Not.

Moving along, Dina says if she had to do RHONJ again she wouldn’t. She is over it and wishes she didn’t come back on the show. Teresa Giudice apologizes to all of her fans that she let down and says she is going to make herself a better person. Teresa adds that 80% of the time she does regret being on RHONJ. Andy asks Teresa if she is worried about what she’s going to wear or eat when she goes to prison and Teresa says all she cares about is her daughters which is clear to anyone who has a brain. Teresa says this is probably going to be her last reunion. She says it’s been tough especially with what happened with her and Jacqueline but she is thankful that nothing has happened with her and Dina. She says nothing will come between her and Dina. Teresa hopes after her sentencing she can be on a cooking show. She is clearly over Real Housewives. It’s crazy to think that this may be Teresa’s last reunion. Thoughts on the final installment of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion? Let’s Discuss!

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