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RHOA Recap: Season Premiere!

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Get your teacups ready! The Real Housewives of Atlanta returned to kick off season seven, and the episode was INTENSE, focusing primarily on the sentencing of Phaedra Park’s husband Apollo, and the aftermath!

It wasn’t all Phaedra and Apollo though. Original Housewife NeNe Leakes got the first scene of the season, which followed her and husband Gregg to Las Vegas, where she began rehearsals for the show “Zumanity”. She referred to herself as a drag queen whilst in hair and make up. I will not argue that comparison. Later in the show, we revisit NeNe in Vegas and the most noteworthy thing to come out of her scenes this episode was just more of the same. She is hustling, doing big things, she is a performer, Gregg is there by her side, she is tired of the drama, she doesn’t want to be arguing with a bunch of women…you get the idea. As far as “Zumanity” itself, it seems to be a very adult show, moaning during rehearsals ensues.

We move back to the A to find Kandi and Todd settling in to married life and discussing their differing views on parenting. We also find out they have not had a honeymoon, and they are instead preparing for Todd’s daughter to move in to their (Kandi’s) home. Wonder how Mama Joyce will feel about that….

Next we check in with Phaedra and Apollo on the morning of Apollo’s sentencing. Phaedra has chosen to stay in a hotel with her mother and children, which leaves Apollo to prepare for court alone. We get to hear Phaedra justify her decision to stay in a hotel (to “avoid the paparazzi” and not expose her children to the situation). Meanwhile, Apollo shares his views on the crimes he committed and also voices his frustrations with Phaedra for choosing to not be with him. You can really feel the resentment and anger Apollo has towards Phaedra through the screen. This will surely intensify and come to a head as the season progresses. Interestingly, we get to meet Apollo’s half-brother for the first time, as well as his mother a bit later in the show, who Apollo reveals has had a criminal past as well.

Twirling on…we reunite with Queen Twirl herself, Kenya Moore, only it seems her twirl has lost its steam…. She is still recovering from the reunion attack by Porsha Williams, and reveals that she has travelled the world for three months to avoid being in Atlanta. Cynthia stops by and talks things over with her, and seems to be Kenya’s only ally thus far. Let’s wait for Claudia….. Their convo soon turns to Nene, and Cynthia shares she hasn’t spoken to her since the reunion and that she is thriving without her. Nothing bonds people like a common dislike, I suppose.

Intercut in the Kenya/Cynthia scene is a Porsha/Kandi scene of the same variety, discussing their view on “the attack”. Porsha takes a break from shooting an ad for her “hair line” in a…how shall I say…revealing swimsuit to catch up with Kandi. Porsha makes it very clear she has no intention of apologizing for what she did to Kenya and basically shows little to no remorse for her actions. Kandi definitely appears to be a Porsha ally.

Apollo later meets up with Todd and Kandi at The Kandi Factory studio, but prior to his arrival, Kandi and Todd disagree on their viewpoints on the Phaeda/Apollo situation. Todd takes Apollo side, and Kandi takes Phaedra’s. Kandi certainly holds down her girl, that’s for sure.

Lastly, we have the incredibly tense confrontation between Phaedra and Apollo post-sentencing. Both of the children, as well as Phaedra’s mother are in the home as the couple have a very private discussion in front of the cameras. Apollo divulges information about their finances and perhaps most shockingly, admits to Phaedra that he will be seeking a divorce! I have to say that I was very surprised Phaedra actually agreed to have this scene filmed. From the looks of it, Apollo wants to air all of their dirty laundry for the cameras, and it is a tad bit cringeworthy, although it is mainly just sad for the children.

That’s all for this week’s episode. What were your thoughts on the premiere? Share them below!

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