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RHONJ Recap: The Men Join The Ladies On Part Two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey part two reunion aired tonight and it’s focus was none other than the star of the show, Teresa Giudice. Before we discuss the reunion, I don’t quite understand why Bravo thinks it’s a good idea to air the reunion on a random Thursday night. I think they should stick to Sunday’s like everyone expects.

Moving along Andy begins the reunion by asking Teresa some questions. He asks Teresa if she thinks that she has changed since season one of being on the show. I find it annoying that Andy asked this question considering all Teresa ever says is how different she is from season one. Teresa repeats that she is clearly a different person and a lot has changed about her. Teresa adds that she came on the Real Housewives for fun and look what’s happened now. She doesn’t blame the show for where she’s at but does say she did come on the show just for fun not for all of this unwanted drama.

Teresa talks about how her legal troubles have affected her businesses and TerEsa Aprea rolls her eyes. TerEsa continues to make unfavorable facial expressions at Teresa Giudice because she is obviously still upset about the whole Victoria Gotti rumor and is probably trying to secure a spot for next season by being dramatic.

Bravo shows a footage of Joe Giudices’ father which was heartbreaking for not only me to watch but Joe Giudice who was in tears. Joe Giudice was best friends with his father and didn’t get the chance to even say goodbye because his father died of a sudden heart attack all before his sentencing. As Joe and Teresa are opening up about Joe Giudice’s father Frank, Melissa Gorga mentions how Joe Gorga was also close with Frank and how the two of them had a funny relationship. Melissa also says how she knows what Joe is going through being that she lost her father which is very sad but I’m a bit confused as why Melissa has just made this about her?

Andy asks Joe Gorga whether Teresa’s legal troubles have made him and his sister closer. Joe Gorga admits that everything is good with them but Teresa and Juicy are just in their own world.

Andy talks about Teresa Giudice’s sentencing which is a tough subject for her. TerEsa doesn’t wish bad on Teresa Giudice but she still wants to call her out about bringing Victoria Gotti on the show. Teresa Giudice says she didn’t know Victoria Gotti was going to say that TerEsa’s husband slept with his mom but TerEsa isn’t buying it. TerEsa says she heard that Teresa Giudice knew what was going on but Dina says just because TerEsa “heard” something doesn’t make it true. TerEsa feels backstabbed by Teresa Giudice because she has always been there for Teresa. I still don’t really understand why TerEsa acts like her and Teresa Giudice were BFF’s when in reality they had just met.

Andy brings up how Teresa and Joe left out some omission’s that affected their sentencing. Teresa reveals she would have done anything to avoid jail time and never hide omission’s had she known. Teresa admits she isn’t knowledgable about any of this legal stuff because she has never been through it. Nicole tries to stick up for Teresa blaming lawyers and TerEsa Aprea calls out her sister for speaking out about things she doesn’t even know about. I think it’s funny the twins argue with each other. Sisters argue ALL the time and I like that they don’t hide that they fight.

Bobby and Jim join the gang and things get even crazier. Jim keeps mentioning how Bobby is a trust fund kid and has all his money because his father. I don’t see why Jim CARES so much. Shoot, I would love to be a trust fund kid? It’s not like Bobby doesn’t do anything with his life? Heck, he even volunteers when he doesn’t need too!

Andy brings up Amber’s comment about referring to Melissa Gorga as a gold digger. Amber clarifies that she wasn’t calling Melissa Gorga a gold digger she just said Melissa wanted to marry someone with money and she did. Melissa explains that Joe Gorga has so much more to offer than his success. lol. Enlighten us, Melissa. Andy brings up how disrespectful Jim can be and Jim says that if ANYONE crosses a line, he will burn them to the ground. He thinks everyone should be treated equally.

Andy asks Amber if she believes Nicole is a home wrecker. Amber says the only reason she ever mentioned the home wrecker comment was because the man’s family that Nicole dated had complained about Nicole being with the guy because he was still technically married. I don’t think Nicole is a home wrecker. Dina is going out on dates and is separated. So does that make the guy Dina goes on dates with a home wrecker? I don’t think so but if I were Nicole, I personally wouldn’t go out with a man who was separated. Too much baggage involved with that.

Amber turns the table to Bobby who she says is only with Nicole to be on the Real Housewives. Jim says Bobby has always wanted to be a Real Housewife except Jim has been acting like a Real Housewife this entire season. Just look at his twitter. Jim randomly brings out some documents out. They end up being photos of Bobby at Teresa Giudice, Melissa Gorga, and Jac Laurita’s signings. Bobby explains that he happened to be at the bookstore when Teresa was having her signing. Teresa appreciates the support. I think it’s weird that Bobby did go to all of those events but I think it’s even weirder that Jim spends his time trying so hard to make his former BEST friend of ten years look so bad.

The discussion then moves back towards Jim and how he acts towards women. Jim think’s it’s ok to say terrible things to women like he does with Dina Manzo. I think it’s sad that Jim think’s it’s ok to speak like that to anyone. It’s a bad example for his children and you should never do what you don’t like being done to you. Joe Gorga says it’s disgusting that Jim Marchese speaks the way he does to women. Amber and Jim then shut Joe Gorga up by saying he’s the one who called his sister garbage and a scumbag on national television. Jim and Amber were right. Joe Gorga did do that and that was equally as terrible but Joe Gorga says Teresa is his sister and it’s different. In some ways, I understand what he’s saying. Joe Gorga is getting fired up that Jim Marchese is even bringing up Teresa’s name and tells him to shut up.

Throughout the entire scenes with the guys, Rino Aprea is laughing. I love Rino. I think he’s hilarious and he and Joe Giudice both crack me up.

Until next week…thought’s on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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