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Dina Manzo Tells Jacqueline Laurita to Get Psychiatric Help! Feud Intensifies!


The Manzo-Laurita family feud just got REAL. Throughout any of the prior seasons of RHONJ, I don’t recall it ever getting so vicious between Dina and Jacqueline! The vitriol they are spewing at each other over social media has reached a fever pitch, and the damage might have finally become irreparable.

Following the reunion, during which Dina made several revealing comments about the causes of the family feud, Jacqueline posted her reactions on Twitter, and accusations were made left, right, and center. Yesterday though, things took a dark turn, and it sounded like Dina and Jacqueline tweeted their final messages (at least for a while) to each other.

Take a look below:


Wow. Sad. The irony of it all is that Dina has tried to stay quiet all these years and now she is completely public with the feud. The crux of the issue really seems to be Dina thinking Jacqueline is getting in the way of her relationship with her brother Chris. From what Jac has alleged and implied though, Dina has many skeletons in her closet which allegedly contribute to the feud.

I think this whole thing should not be displayed on social media. It is in such poor taste to involve the children of both parties. Dina probably regrets rejoining the show BIG TIME.

Who do you believe? Are you surprised by their tweets?

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